The mythical stories of Troy and Sparta have been made famous in recent years through Holywood and now the consoles are paying homage with the latest game from Koei in the Warriors series – Warriors: Legends of Troy.

Based on the age old mechanic of the Dynasty Warriors games, Legend of Troy allows you take control of a a series of famous (and lesser famous) Greek legends from Achilles and Hector. For the more historically educated you may have noticed that Achilles and Hector are from opposite sides of the Spartan war – Warriors allows you to play as characters from both sides of the army, providing a new angle on the story as it unfolds.
Warriors Legends of Troy Game Review
As Legends of Troy starts up its first mission you are gently introduced to the combat – by walking toward a group of enemies who’ve washed up on your shore you need to eliminate the soldiers in their groups. Most of the time you will have a small band of followers with you who will dutifully follow you into battle and take on the group of enemies until they’re eliminated. Handy when you’re massively outnumbered but cumbersome when you’re trying to sneak around a small army and your troops run head long into a Braveheart style skirmish! Although it should be said, generally the AI works well for both your troops and the enemies and you don’t get stragglers wondering off on their own.

The combat is pretty easy to follow – there are 3 types of attack – light attack (which you will mostly use), focused attack (for ranged or stronger attacks) and the stun (mostly used on sub bosses and to weaken opponents) – all of which can be used in combo’s to rack up the coins.

The coins are awarded for standard kills, combos or kill streaks without taking damage. The coins can be spent at the end of the level on power ups to boost health, damage or additional combo’s, etc. The power ups can also handily be used for any of the legends which means you can get away with buying one of everything rather than the same item for each of the playable characters.

The plot of Warriors: Legends of Troy is fairly flimsy – because you play on both sides of the army we found it difficult to have any allegiance to either side. The general outline is that the Greek army and Trojan army are attacking each other and Helen of Troy is the reason behind some of the fighting, etc, etc – we got bored halfway through the cut scenes and skipped to the action. Its basically a lot of fighting.
Warriors Legends of Troy Game Review
In terms of playability, Legends of Troy is pretty good – its a bit repetitive but also quite satisfying to go wading in to an army of 50 or so enemies and come out the other end with a massive combo score and lots of coins ready to spend! There’s a few treasures to be found as well which will boost the coin levels and the mid and end of level bosses put up a good fight and sometimes change their fighting styles mid way through a bout meaning its not the same button combination for 5 mins.

At the end of it all, Warriors Legends of Troy is an updated version of the Dynasty Warriors shell – a hack n slash game that doesn’t require a vast amount of thought to play. Its not going to appeal to everyone – some will find it insanely boring while others will lap it up. We were somewhere in the middle and driven on mostly because we enjoyed Troy (the film) and its the closest we can get to looking like He-Man and running around a beach without getting locked up!

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