Transformers will always have a place in our hearts – from childhood to the recent films, we’ve literally grown up with Optimus Prime and co! But each Transformers video game hasn’t really hit the mark – each of the film tie-ins have been poor so when War for Cybertron landed we took a look and got very excited indeed!

The first thing that struck us when doing the Transformers: War for Cybertron review was the throwback to the original cartoons – Optimus Prime once again was wearing what looks like a metal bandana across his face and Bumblebee had horns again. The now familiar-to-all voice of Prime also returns to give War for Cybertron that extra nod towards authenticity. So far – so good.Transformers war for cybertron game review PlayEject

Starting a new campaign allows you to select which side you want to fight for – Autobots or the evil Decepticons. Choose your side and take on 5 missions for each side until you have dominated or saved Cybertron. Each side gives you the choice of 3 Transformer characters to play as – all the favourites are there from Starscream and Megatron to Iron Hide and Bumblebee. Each character starts with their own particular weapon but you can pick up any dropped or found gun to aid your battle.

Once you start playing, fans of the Transformers will recognise certain characteristics that are nice to see – the noise made when switching from vehicle to robot is spot on and even how certain characters act is reminiscent to the original cartoons. The majority of the game is played as a shooter from third person perspective and reminded us a lot of the Gears of War series for the weight of each player and the guns available.

You can transform at any time but in all honesty there’s such a small part of the game that requires you to do this that it is a disappointment not to need to switch more often. The trailer (see below) shows some awesome moves of zooming along as a truck before leaping off a platform and transforming mid-air before landing in a crowd of enemies and doing some damage. That hardly ever happened to us. Zooming along as a vehicle – check. Fighting loads of bad guys – check. Combining the two into a thrilling sequence – nope.

And the combat is pretty mundane – there’s plenty to shoot at and a decent selection of weapons but they all feel very samey. We really only stuck with a rotation of three guns throughout the entire Autobot story and really only swapped when ammo was low.
Transformers war for cybertron game review PlayEject
Another gripe we had was how each level was also the same as the last. While none of us have ever been to Cybertron (nor shall we since the Decepticons had their way!) it might well look very purple and repetitive but it really feels like once you’ve played one mission, you’ve played them all.

The length of each mission is pretty good – its not a game that will be completed in one sitting by any means and the multiplayer adds extra longevity. The main issue would be having the will power to sit through yet another identical level to battle through the same enemies.

Despite the initial excitement we were disappointed after the first coupe of hours with Transformers War for Cybertron. What should have been a variation circus of different characters and sides as well as a joy to play is really a shallow game of get from A to B by killing everything no matter who you are. Autobots are not rolling out.

Transformers: War for Cybertron Game trailer

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