Tiger Woods has been a very busy chap over the last few years – not only on the Golf Course if the news is correct! But also being the face of EA Sports’ Golf series – what else did you think we meant?

So another year and another EA Sports title is hitting the shelves with the improved gameplay and tweaked graphics that cause the same arguments each year: Why should I buy Tiger Woods 12 if I have Tiger Woods PGA 2011?

The biggest reason to Golf Fans (apart from Tiger not being featured on the front cover of the game!) is the addition of the Augusta National Golf Course for the first time ever. We’re not massive golfers at PlayEject but this is a big deal and so is the inclusion of being able to play a Masters tournament.

So what else? Well there’s the new Caddie option which helps players chose between 2 types of shot – a conservative effort which will keep you safe from hazards but not help reach the Birdies and Eagles – and the more ‘attacking’ approach of driving down the course but with added risks to consider such as cross winds and bunkers, etc.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Masters game preview Play Eject

The Caddie tips won’t be to everyone’s taste and thankfully can be turned off. In fact we think most people, especially hardened Tiger Woods gamers will opt to switch this off permanently as it does seem to take a bit of the skill out of the shots – as selecting a preset Caddie shot is much easier than going through a club selection and lining up the shot. It is an excellent way for anybody new to the Fairways to get to grips with the game though.

The graphics look excellent – some of the shots we’ve seen look picture-perfect as the sun is behind a tree with the light shining through as the golfer takes a swing – its a masterpiece to watch.

The PlayStation Move version of Tiger Woods 2012 allows the players to use the Move Controller to take more ‘accurate’ swings by swinging the controller in the same way you would a real life Golf club. Its very similar to the way Wii Sports brought us Wii Golf and subsequent Tiger Woods Golf games on the Wii but with the power of the PS3 really driving the game, it not only looks great but is really enjoyable to play. Because we’re not golfers we thought we might struggle with the swing motion from the Move controller but soon got into it and the engine is forgiving, not like the real thing – definitely a plus in our opinion as its supposed to be played for fun afterall!

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