Thor: God of Thunder has not had the best of reviews since being released. Although being released to coincide with the Thor film, the game doesn’t follow the same story – a shame as we though the film was pretty good. Instead, Thor: God of Thunder plays like a rushed movie tie-in that is let down graphically and with lack of depth to its fairly tedious gameplay.

So after that summary what is left to say? When Thor the game starts off you are shown some cut scenes of blocky looking characters and introduced to Thor in his home world of Asgard where the land is under attack from ice monsters. Thrown into the battle you are quickly shown the move set offered to Thor including use of the Mjolnir (the Hammer to you and me) and the summoning of various elemental magic such as earthquakes and lightening.

After trudging through the first level and eliminating the same enemies in waves more of the Thor: God of Thunder story opens up. Thor wants revenge against the Ice Creatures but is forbidden to attempt this by the ruler os Asgard. All very typical stuff as Thor then finds his own way up the mountains to fight the hoards of enemies that are between him and his revenge.

The lack of depth to the story also means you’ll end up skipping the cut scenes which are tedious and poorly made. It also makes no sense how Thor has to fight his way through loads of enemies and fly across massive empty spaces to get somewhere when his brother can seemingly go wherever Thor is and disappear from view at the first sign of danger only to crop up again a bit later. Thor God of Thunder game review PlayEject

To say Thor: God of Thunder is flawed because of the story and graphics is unfair. But add to that the game having a very dodgy camera system (which will shift when you’re trying to deflect enemy or perform a grapple move and a key moment) and repetitive combat. There’s a few combos that can be performed and different magic can be thrown in to tackle different enemies but it all ends up with more or less the same combo or move each time and gets boring very quickly.

In fairness to Thor, we fired it up with as open mind as possible. We actually thought we were enjoying the first hour especially when we had enough Valour (Thor’s own experience points) to spend on some upgrades. The upgrade wheel allows you to boost the health, magic bar or the magic powers. But when we got past the first few levels and saw the enemies were the same and the story was poor and the graphics still blocky it stopped being fun to play and there ended our open mind-ness.

Younger audiences might enjoy Thor especially if they enjoy the cartoon (is that even still on??) or a more basic game but even then some will no doubt get bored of the same thing over and over.

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