After experiencing tdu a few years ago, driving around an Hawaii island, the prospect of playing tdu2 with the promise of more cars, larger maps and improved online gameplay was almost too much to hope for.

Tdu2 starts off like a dream…literally. But once the game kicks in properly it’s not long before you’ve picked your first car and taken to the open road on the new island of Ibiza.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 game review PlayEject

In-car view of a Zonda – TDU2

The temptation to spend a good few hours driving around Ibiza, exploring all the nooks and cranny’s the game has to offer is as high as it is to enter the various competitions to try and gain some money. And it’s the money where tdu2 is more rewarding than it’s predecessor through the introduction of the money-meter.

This money meter will build as you drive around the island, growing as you drift, jump and slip past other cars, increasing more with combos and allows you to bank the money ‘weakest link’ style before you inadvertently veer off the road or smash into another vehicle!

The graphics are improved as expected for a sequel and Atari have seemingly put a lot of time into the handling and feel of each car with the faster, more luxurious sports cars sounding and feeling like they should (we imagine)!

Online, the game plays well albeit with a few bugs (played from day 1) and the dlc of the casino is an excellent addition, allowing gamers to compete against each other and win bonus unlockable items.

All in all, a game that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing both as a competitive game and as one that invites you to pick up, get in some of the worlds best cars and relax while driving around Ibiza and Hawaii.

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