Star Wars! You’ve got to love it don’t you? I’m a sucker for anything slightly Star Wars related, t shirts, mugs, plastic light sabres and of course the video games.

The 1st Force Unleashed while it was far from perfect was everything I ever wanted as a Star Wars fan, Jedi powers, double light Sabers, a level that you controlled Darth Vader, it had almost everything!

I eagerly awaited the sequel, if the makers could improve on the original then we were in for a treat with this edition.

The game Started off explaining the back story, you controlled the “same” character as in the 1st game, Starkiller, for those that completed the 1st game you know things ended badly the end of the game, however Darth Vader had cloned Starkiller many times and your particular clone that you control in this game actually Started to regain his feelings from the past and memories, cue him wanting to kill Vader and escape his clutches.

So far so good.

The 1st couple of levels or so are pretty much the same standard as the original Force Unleashed game, pretty similar enemies, more or less the same force powers (a really cool Jedi mind trick) but by say the 3rd level maybe before you’ve got all your force powers and none of the enemies are challenging in the slightest. You feel almost invincible playing it and can almost switch off while to destroy wave after wave of the same enemy while plodding through the levels.

About halfway through the game things start getting all too familiar as you realise you’ve seen pretty much everything the game has to offer and then to make things worse you start revisiting earlier levels and soon the whole Star Wars feeling goes and it’s a struggle to carry on playing it.

I think within 1 hour or so of playing this game I saw pretty much every enemy and had countless battles that you had to press the buttons in time to defeat them. Seriously it got to the point that I had to turn it off to do something more interesting like watching paint dry.Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 xbox360 game review PlayEject

Many Critics slated the storyline in this game but to a degree I enjoyed it, certainly a lot better than the Phantom Menace anyway, and I think that’s the only reason I carried on until the bitter end with it.

The last level comes out of nowhere really, Force Unleashed hasn’t built you up to the ending action wise and it’s a shock and you’re left thinking “is that it?” lets just say the last half of the game is a hollow experience although the last level does go some way to restoring excitement.

I think you could easily complete this game in 1 sit-down taking about 4 hours or so, if that. It’s so short.

There is 1 saving grace to this game and that’s the DLC that’s available for it “The Battle For Endor” a classic scene from the films that gives you that Star Wars feel throughout the whole of the level.

You take control of Starkiller again in your quest to rid the Ewok village of the rebels.

It didn’t feel quite right killing the little ewoks and then going on to face Leia, Han Solo and Chewie but it was certainly an entertaining bit of DLC.

All in all it’s a bit of a disappointing game and unfortunately not as good as the original, it’s a real shame that the developers didn’t use more levels like Endor throughout the game to keep things fresh and exciting.

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