Nathan Hale is dead, the Chimera have attacked and annihilated the American armies leaving small bands of survivors with the bare minimum to live on and terrified of their own homes. Random attacks by the Chimera to exterminate the remaining population are common yet Joseph Capelli refuses to lay down and give in. Taking on the role of Joseph in the third instalment to the flagship game of the PS3, Resistance 3 continues the main story of the series in true action-packed fashion.
Resistance 3 game review PlayEject
The stunning looking trailers and stills have built expectations of what we hope to experience through our review of Resistance 3. Being the third game in the series, especially one that means so much to Sony and many PS3 gamers, getting details, gameplay and everything in between just right are crucial to avoid being classed as just another cash-in.

Fortunately it appears Sony and publisher Insomniac Gaming have gotten this balance spot on. The slick looking intro takes us through a brief history of the Chimera attack and how the people of America are forced to live underground and scavenge what they can inbetween the Chimeran armies attacks and drop ship invasions.

Taking the role of Joseph Capelli, a former SRPA operative who’s had plenty of experience dealing with the Chimera, you must leave your family and battle your way to New York to tackle the Chimera HQ that is poisoning the planet. Various Chimera troops will try to take you down along the way but to add to the troubles, small gangs of human scavengers will also try to kill you and take whatever you have for their own benefit.

From the off, Resistance 3 throws you into action and gives you a Bullseye – a Chimera assault rifle that can tag enemies so the bullets home in on the target. The detailed graphics and lighting bring out the best in the war-torn environments that you travel through and the cut scenes and voice acting are brilliant.

From this early stage its clear that the Resistance series is kept alive and well – so far, so good.

Progressing through the main campaign feels slicker and more interesting than Resistance 2 and the evolution of the Chimera troops as you get further on means you have to utilise the different weapons and plan your attacks accordingly forcing variety in the way you play. The weapons are brilliant – from the standard shotgun, pistols and assault rifles you have primary and secondary fire modes and the level-up of each weapon which unlocks added bonuses such as incendiary rounds to the shotgun or a better zoom on the Deadeye sniper rifle.

Resistance 3 game review PlayEject

A Brawler can be taken down with concentrated firepower

Playing through the levels there was an air of familiarity to some of the styles of the stages you encounter as Joseph. We were reminded an awful lot by the on-rails sections of Gears of War on the Xbox 360 – travelling by boat but fending off attacks from the enemies or on a fast moving train, etc. This isn’t a bad thing – the rails sections are a welcome break from the norm and are in-keeping with the rest of the game while also allowing the story to progress without cut scenes taking over.

One negative we did find was that some of the larger enemies which look ridiculously hard to kill are actually fairly easy to take down. A Brawler for example will rampage through a wall and chase you down – a scary opening as he dominates the screen and hurtles towards you. But if you use the Auger’s sights you can easily spot the weak points and then switching back to the Bullseye and using the Tag function makes light work of the enemy. Unfortunately this is how easy we found it to eliminate most of the other larger ‘bosses’ we encountered – we had hoped for a slightly tougher battle.

The multiplayer aspect of Resistance 3 is as you’d expect from Resistance 2 – the human versus Chimera aspect changes the battlefield slightly against the likes of Call of Duty or Killzone 3. The variety in the weaponry from the campaign crosses over to the multiplayer brilliantly and sets up for some tense battles. With the Auger gun, you can fire through walls after spotting the heat signature of your enemy which can help flush out enemies from cover while a team mate can train their sights with the Marksman sniper rifle. Or you could just fire some Magnum rounds into a path you think an enemy will run and when they go past, set off the explosive charges buried into the shells! Great stuff!!

Overall, Resistance 3 grabs you from the moment you start and will keep you hooked. The campaign is great – Joseph is a decent character and the story not only follows the series but builds on it which is what is needed from a third instalment. The multiplayer will be a blast after you get the hang of the frantic pace but unfortunately we can see the lobbies getting quieter and quieter with other big name releases such as MW3 and Battlefield 3 out shortly after!

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