Resistance 2 is the sequel to the best selling PS3 classic: Resistance Fall of Man, a launch title for Sony and one that they hoped would be a worthy competitor to the Xbox 360′s Halo series.

Resistance 2 follows on from where the original left off with our hero, Nathan Hale, picked up by the US Army to be taken back to America to help the Army defend against a full scale attack from the Chimera.

To recap on the Resistance story, History was rewritten in the 1940′s – rather than a World War against a German invasion it was an outbreak of a virus and alien beings of the Chimera – human-esque soliders with regenerating health and advanced weaponry. Nathan Hale fought back the Chimera in Europe and the might Daedalus – the head Chimera who is controlling the Chimeran forces.

There a few changes to Resistance 2 from the original which go a long way to making the game more interesting – for example you can now only carry two weapons at a time rather than as many as you can grab. Also there is no health-meter to indicate how much damage you have taken. Instead you have regenerating health (thanks to the Chimeran strand inbedded in Hale’s DNA) so taking cover from enemy fire when the screen goes misty-red is the only way to recover rather than worry about health packs. Both of these changes smack of Call of Duty and Halo but they are 2 of the best selling series Shooters so its not a bad path to follow!

In terms of how Resistance 2 plays, while PlayEject were reviewing we found that moving around the world felt a bit too loose – almost as if he was floating rather than walking around. Also, the sprint function was a bit wierd at first as Hale goes into a ducking-run (think Gears of War) which is odd from a first-person perspective. However both of these observations are purely a matter of getting used to the game as it doesn’t affect the action.

Resistance 2 does have a bucket load of action. There’s hardly a time when there’s not an enemy nearby or attacking you in one form or another. Whether it be a full on frontal assault from a platoon of Chimera, a huge Boomer-style flamethrower wielding enemy or a sneaky Chameleon who lunges without warning in true Predator style from a cloaking device with only a split second’s warning. But with the amount of weaponry on offer is plentiful so unless you’re running round like a thing possessed you should have enough to last you for most missions.Resistance 2 PS3 game review Play Eject

The Multiplayer aspect of Resistance 2 is split into two modes – co-operative (although not for the main story but instead for a separate set of missions which fill in the blanks for the overall main story line) and competitive with all the usual game types available from team deathmatch, capture the flag and Skirmish where players can chose to be human or Chimera’s with the weapon loadouts restrictive to species at the start (although dropped guns from other species can be used mid-game). As with the original Resistance, experience points are earned for kills and wins which unlock ranks and rewards for use in the games.

The battles in Resistance 2 Multiplayer can be pretty frantic but in all honesty are not as good as some of those in other titles such as Call of Duty Black Ops. This might be down to PlayEject team’s biased opinion as others may disagree but as an alternative to Resistance 2, we would rather play CoD online.

Resistance 2 is a very good game – the Chimera campaign rages on and the story unravelling in the game is well thought through. The addition of a separate campaign for co-operative means that there is something worth playing that game mode for and although the multiplayer isn’t as good as other titles, it is enjoyable, especially to fans of the original and the Resistance series.

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