We have to admit – when THQ’s Red Faction Armageddon came in for review we weren’t especially thrilled. We remember the original on the PlayStation and how good it was to be able to destroy scenery and buildings but how quickly that become boring and just another shooter/adventure. But then we started it up and were immediately impressed.

The story starts on Mars and the destruction of the devices controlling the atmosphere at the hands of the notorious Adam Hale, forcing the colonies of Mars to live underground in a series of networked caves. The Red Faction are the army of Mars who are hunting Hale who is as illusive to capture as he is evil.

Darius Mason (you) is working as a contractor for hire and is tricked into opening an old Marauder temple that contains a dark secret which is unleashed onto the population. Darius ventures into the temple to confront the nasties that emerge in an attempt to clear his name while on the run from the Red Faction.
Red Faction Armageddon game review PlayEjectSo that’s the story and it progresses fairly well. Its good enough to keep interest but isn’t oscar-winning. However the gameplay is actually very good. Immediately after the intro you are shown how to use the Nano-Forge which not only allows you to rebuild any man-made objects but also to unleash powers such as a shield, shockwave that pushes enemies away and a Beserker mode which gives Mason a power up boost. Its the Nano Forge tool that contributes massively to making Red Faction a bit different to the majority of other shooters out on the market.

The other stand-out feature of Red Faction Armageddon is the destruction and havoc that can be caused to the scenery throughout the world. All man-made structures can be blown to smithereens or evaporated causing any enemies within or nearby to suffer damage as well. That means taking out a few bad guys in one go is as easy as using a Mag-gun to fire an explosive canister towards the building and taking careful aim!

Which brings us nicely on to talk about the weapons. There are 4 slots that Mason can assign a variety of guns to. From a couple of pistols or shotgun right up to a Rocket Launcher or anti-matter gun (our personal favourite). More weapons are unlocked as you progress and a special weapon is unlocked after completing the game for use on the next play-thru. 1 flaw with the weapons is that we tended to use just two guns the whole way through rather than switch through 4 and because there’s no limit in terms of what ‘class’ of gun you have to carry, balancing your load-out is up to you and how you play. Once you find a combination that suits you it is unlikely you’ll switch to another gun.

Red Faction Armageddon game review PlayEject

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Visually, Red Faction Armageddon is great. The cut scenes have good detail in them and run smoothly while in-game, the graphics run at an impressive rate despite the continuous amounts of enemies and action that can be on screen. More than can be said for our panic levels when faced with god knows how many Crawlers that spawn from nearby pods and are attacking us from all directions!

Infestation is the alternative game mode to the campaign where up to 4 players can take part in a survival style wave-based game. All load outs and upgrades from the single player campaign are carried across to the multiplayer and vice versa which is a nice touch and encourages players to go through the game again after completing to get even more power ups to aid the onslaught of the Infestation (as you’ll need all the power ups you can get after level 5!).

The multiplayer is ok – in all honesty we preferred the single player version if only for the slight variation that comes with being able to take control of Walkers and enemy vehicles at set points of the game which only adds to the great feeling of power that you will experience when throwing your weight around on Mars while wrecking everything in sight!!

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