Red Dead Redemption is made by the same studio that brought us the famous Grand Theft Auto series – Rockstar – so hopes were high in the PlayEject offices when this game was released.

Set in the wild west, Red Dead sees you take the role of Mr Johnny Marston, former outlaw, proper man’s man who can fire a six shooter and able to ride the ponies with the best of them. You begin the story hunting for your former gang with nothing but a pistol and your wits. After a few minutes in you can see what the wild west has in store for you as you are given your first horse and set on your way to help the local townsfolk with tasks that act as subtle training missions.

Once you’ve gone past the boundaries of the small town though, you are able to explore the vast wilderness that Red Dead Redemption has to offer. On the way, you will encounter characters who require your help, criminals that need catching (or setting free!) and even grizzly bears that will give chase and can be skinned for their coats…!

The main story is spread over 3 ‘islands’ in typical Rockstar fashion, the later 2 islands are unlocked throughout the progress of the story which sees you cross the border from Wild West USA to Mexico and become a Gringo.

As you play Red Dead you will find that certain actions will have a reaction from the locals and how you are known throughout the land. For example, pulling out your pistol in a quiet town and start trouble will get you known as ‘infamous’ where as helping the local sheriff to bag some bandits will improve your honour and folks will take to you much more, sometimes offering you discounts in their stores.

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer xbox360 review

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer xbox360 review

As with GTA, the ability to go anywhere and do anything is very much a part of the Red Dead Redemption way of life. If you can see it, you can more than likely get there. Although you start off with a horse of your own, you can ‘break’ other horses in to get faster steeds to use as your own and you can even play ‘traditional’ wild west games such as horse-shoe and poker for money with some of the locals.

The Multiplayer aspect of Red Dead Redemption allows you to go it alone or create and join a posse where you and your hombre’s can ride around the wild west taking out rival gangs, bandits and taking on some of the missions that have been selected especially for the multiplayer mode. This is a great way of playing the game as you feel a real sense of teamwork with your fellow cowboys as you try to take down other gangs in firefights.

All in all, Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games around on the xbox360 – another classic from Rockstar that offers something slightly different to the GTA genre.

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