If the names Soap McTavish or Makarov send tingles of excitement down your spine or you have ever growled the words ‘dogs coming right at us’ then you’ll no doubt be a fan of the unbelievably successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series. The third instalment is now among us with the entire world caught up in conflict. But never mind the campaign – there’s the whole other side of the game with the famed CoD multiplayer. MW3 – do your worst because we are ready!!
Modern Warfare 3 boat level game review PlayEject
If you’ve never played a Modern Warfare game then you won’t understand the hype that has surrounded the release of Modern Warfare 3 or the frantic online action that has caused some people to live and breathe the Modern Warfare maps. If you have played the series then you’re in for yet another jaw dropping and mouth watering gem.

Fire up the campaign mode and you’ll be treated to some fabulous intro movies which set the tone. Soap is left on his death bed after the epic last level of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and is being rushed through a war zone to the safety of a waiting chopper ready to evacuate him to saftey. As this is happening there’s flashbacks popping up of key moments from the previous games which will mean nothing to those who’ve not had the pleasure but to fans they are iconic moments which you’ll enjoy seeing again.

The story chops and changes from character to character according to how the story progresses – fighting for the SAS in one level and then as the US special forces in the next. This makes for plenty of environmental changes from London subways to the streets of suburban America, all of which are war torn thanks to a Russian invasion!

The single player action remains pretty much what we’d expect from the Modern Warfare series – fast paced, lots of action and a bit on the short side to complete. Trying your luck on Veteran difficulty will require practice on the levels as some of the levels will have enemy forces bombarding you with their firepower and a huge feeling of being overwhelmed.

Modern Warfare 3 boat level game review PlayEject

London at full terror alert on Modern Warfare 3

As fans of the series we were won over from the very start but as the story unfolds and the references to things from previous games are mentioned (like the Guerilla level from Modern Warfare 1) we couldn’t help but relate to the characters on screen, immersing us totally into the aura of the game as we knew what they were talking about as we’d been there and done it with them.

Its fair to say that without the previous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games, the slick storytelling finishes to Modern Warfare 3 wouldn’t be the same.

The graphics on the whole are much improved. The sight of New York’s financial district being missile’d from a speeding boat while being shot at by enemy forces could be straight out of a multi million dollar Hollywood blockbuster. The detail in the main aspects of the game such as the various weapons, stitching on the gloves of your character and even the litter streaming around Sierra Leone just makes everything stand out and come to life.

Aside from the campaign there’s the Spec Ops mode which puts you in a series of challenges against waves of enemies. As you fight them off and get to the next level you can use credits earned to spend on bigger and better weapons. Playing this Spec Ops mode on single player is a huge waste after you’ve played in with friends. Strategic placement of your allies is key to getting further in the waves of enemies and a great way to improve your overall skills for CoD.

Switch on multiplayer though and be prepared to lose a serious chunk of your life. Addictive as ever, the familiar multiplayer hub drip feeds you into the online world by allowing you a small selection of the basic online game types and weapons. Play a few games and you’ll start ranking up and unlocking more features, game modes and weapons.

Although some might feel cheated by how quickly you can rank up in the first few hours of play, we think its a great way of keeping gamers of all levels hooked and gradually introduced to the more diverse of game types the Modern Warfare 3 has to offer.

Being able to create a custom weapon class and create a Clan tag are back along with the challenges that help boost your xp towards that all important Prestige level. Gaining Prestige is also better than ever with Prestige tokens on offer so you can put that hard work to use.
Modern Warfare 3 boat level game review PlayEject
The introduction of the Call of Duty Elite is built into the online lobby (but requires a quick download from the relevant network stores for free) and allows gamers to track their progress of online games. From number of kills to proficiency with weapons to even where the most kills and deaths took place on maps, the Call of Duty Elite is hoping to do what the Bungee network did for Halo (or at least get started!).

All in all, we can’t help but heap praise on Modern Warfare 3. The campaign might be short but its packed with everything that fans will love. The multiplayer yet again shows why Infinity Ward and Activision keep selling ridiculous amounts of games and with all that said, we’re off to the lobbies right now…!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Launch Trailer:

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