KillZone 3 is actually the fourth in the KillZone series exclusive to Playstation and the PS3 and is glorious 3D as well as being compatible with the Playstation Move. Soldiers – get ready for War!!

If you’ve played any of the previous KillZone games then you should know by now that the action is fierce and the body count will be high. KillZone 3 is no different. Following on from the last battle, the Helghast leader, Visari, has been defeated and killed and the ISA (you) think its all calmed down. Cue another Helghast visionary who causes a stir amongst the ranks and takes the Helghast back into the fight.

As with most First Person Shooters, the story has holes and is secondary to the all important action. KillZone 3 does have a pretty good story – not as well written as say Call of Duty and maybe not as ‘emotional’ as the Halo series but thats for another day. What KillZone 3 does have is fast paced action and variety in the campaign mode.

When you start off the Campaign mode you are introduced to your characters and the Helghast rising. After a short training mission you are thrown into the action and the chaos of the varied environments KillZone 3 has on offer. From war-torn cities with crumbling building ruins to the impressive new Arctic environments where snow blizzards will affect your vision and make it harder to see Helghast soldiers. As well as the varied environments, the campaign mode also puts you into a mech suit where your movement is much slower but firepower is increased. Its great fun to fire the massive cannon at Helghast enemies to mow them down and follow up with a rocket to blast the sniper off a rooftop. Its not a massive change to the rest of the game but the few times these moments happen they are a welcome change in pace and require a different plan of attack to your usual run-and-gun technique.KillZone 3 game review PS3 PlayEject

The cover system in Killzone 3 works quite well. You are shown early on how to pop up and out of cover which in some cases will aid you and in others will just provide you with a bit of cover (so parts of you will still be exposed). It can be frustrating but at the same time it does make KillZone 3 interesting as it means not all cover walls are the same height or shape (ie, they’re not the same walls copied and pasted into the game every so often).

The big development of KillZone 3 is the compatibility with the PlayStation Move. By using a gun controller you can navigate your way through the game in the same way but rather than using the right stick to aim at enemies you just point and shoot. We tried this after we’d played a lot of the game with the six-axis controller and found it wierd (and difficult) at first. After a while it got easier to control and sticking with the new method of moving and shooting does pay off – you can definitely pick off the enemies quicker and with more accuracy but it won’t suit everyone. The Move responds well to the movements of the gun which means you don’t lose out on any critical shots because you’ve suddenly moved the gun this way and that in the heat of the moment.

The Multiplayer KillZone 3 game modes are great as well. There’s plenty to choose from – the standard team deathmatch (Guerilla Warfare) to search and rescue (Operations) modes with everything inbetween. One nice feature we liked was that during a match of Operation (where the objective will vary from game to game) the Helghast leader came over the team radio to give us the objective which then changed shortly after because we failed. It went from a Seek and Rescue mission to a protect the base mission then on to an Assassin mission and finally onto a bloodbath of BodyCount (kill everything thats not on your side). It was an excellent way of playing KillZone 3 as we got to experience a variety of objectives on one decent map without leaving the game and lobby.KillZone 3 game review PS3 PlayEject

The level up system on KillZone 3′s multiplayer is fairly standard – earn xp through the game which improves your rank which gives you points to spend on unlocking features for your class. The Classes themselves are set to particular play styles. There’s the Medic who can heal the fallen, Engineer who can build and repair turrets and ammo dumps, the Infiltrator who can disguise themselves as the other team to get up close and personal and a few others – all offer something different with their own perks. You can swap your class at respawn in case you’re fed up of one particular style also.

KillZone 3 has a lot to compete with – First Person Shooters are not hard to come by on the PS3 but Sony’s exclusive does the job – it would be interesting to see how it would do on the Xbox 360 going toe to toe with Halo Reach but that aside – FPS fans should get this game!

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