James Bond: Bloodstone is a game that we had limited hopes for. After years of poor games featuring the invincible super-spy and the hype of the legendary N64′s Goldeneye we put the game into the tray, sat back and surprised ourselves at the enjoyable story intro.

From the intro and the high quality voice acting (Daniel Craig, Dame Judy Dench and Joss Stone) you are thrown into the middle of Athens with your wits and a decent cover-system and a walk-thru training guide.

The action is pretty decent, ranging from 15 different weapons, hand to hand combat and driving speedboats and of course the famous Aston Martin! The cover system allows for stealth takedowns on enemies and works quite well.

James Bond 007 Bloodstone xbox 360 review

Driving section in the Aston Marting

The driving sections were a welcome break from the standard 3rd-person-shooting role that we thought was all we were getting. The fast paced driving scenes give you literally no time to make the right decision in terms of cornering but as a result meant we fell foul on the snow level as we couldn’t quite work out where the edge of the road was and consequently had to replay the same scene a good 7 or 8 times before we got through. Not a big deal but we felt Bloodstone tried to throw in the driving section but missed the mark slightly.

Where the game falls down is the repetition. After the first 2 levels are complete the levels feel the same and nothing new comes from it. The story is well written and drives the game but if you’re not a fan of Bond then you could feel like it’s a chore to play.

The multiplayer aspect is a decent addition but is ultimately a less-fun GTA4 clone in a James Bond shell. Also we found we were waiting ages to find a game to connect to.

Overall, it’s a game that started off too well and didn’t keep anything back for the later levels. A shame.

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