Infamous is a game that looks like it ticks all the boxes for a sandbox superhero game – massive, well presented open world; mean and moody main character, decent powers and interesting story which adapts to your in-game choices. But is it just another Spiderman 3 or Crackdown wannabe?

As you load Infamous for the first time you can’t help but notice the comic book roots that this game has taken – the main introduction and subsequent cut scenes are done in a style that Marvel and DC Comics would be proud of and help to keep the story flowing.

So to introduce Infamous, a terrorist attack in the middle of a busy Empire City (loosely based on New York) causes a massive explosion with almost no survivors remaining, except you – Cole, a courier who was delivering a package at the time. When he awakens he finds he has mysterious powers enabling him to jump further, land from great heights and absorb electricity to use as a weapon against the local gangs who rule Empire City with guns and fear.
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The interesting feature of Infamous is being able to decide how people perceive you from the actions you make. For instance you can help the citizens of Empire City and become a hero by performing good deeds or you can go down the darker path and become renown for evil deeds, becoming infamous and feared. It’s a lot like the Paragon and Renegade stances found in the Mass Effect series and works well. It is rewarding to do the good deeds and share food drops, for example rather than hoard them for your own stock. But it is a lot of fun to frazzle the odd passer-by who annoys you and start riots to your aid but at the cost of being evil.

There is a lot of replay appeal because of the good/evil actions as different choices result in different outcomes and consequently you’ll want to see all the game has to offer.

The controls and camera for Cole are responsive and after half an hour you will soon pick up the movement of Cole and be firing off Thunderbolts as second nature. There are a few glitches in the game, mostly with the camera that we found but they are minor and don’t detract from the overall experience.

The missions in Infamous can become repetitive but as well as the story, the xp levelling up will keep you playing so you can unlock better and more powerful weapons.

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