There aren’t too many games that are only available on a particular console anymore – so many publishers want to expand their audience to as many as possible. Sucker Punch and Sony, however, have kept one of their major PS3-only titles going with a new sequel as InFamous 2 hits the ground running with Cole MacGrath returning in Empire City’s huge open world environment to take on The Beast.

Infamous 2 PS3 game review PlayEject

User generated levels are a great idea to InFamous 2

Following on from the end of the original InFamous game, Cole prepares to face the huge form of The Beast who has come to destroy the world. As predicted by a chap called Kessler, The Beast will take all of Cole’s full power to defeat and thats where InFamous 2 kicks off. Thrown straight into a game against a huge end-of-game boss isn’t usually how its done in video games but as Cole is already brimming with super powers from the end of InFamous, The Beast isn’t too difficult to fight but eventually over whelms Cole who is left sapped of energy and needing to increase his powers further in readiness for his next encounter with said Beastie.

So its back to the now-familiar Empire City and where InFamous 2 gets going. As you play the main game you will be given various chance encounters which will sway your standing with the public one of two ways. Help the innocent from the rampaging armies and no-gooders and you will become a hero. If you prefer the shoot-first approach then maybe being a bad guy is the way forward for you, giving you the opportunity to blow up villages where hostiles and hostages are in one fell swoop but making you hated by the masses.

We decided that after being evil in InFamous 1, we would be a goodie two shoes for InFamous 2. Its not as much fun to be able to just waltz into a scenario with lightening bolts blazing everywhere but it is rewarding when you’ve just saved a small group of innocents who give you a ton of xp.

The xp you earn from your exploits around the game allow you to improve your powers and abilities – usual suspects apply with increases to the power of certain attacks, variation of power ups and health boosts. Collecting the Ray Shards that are dotted around the maps are crucial to your overall success as the more you collect, the more power you can hold to dish out on the enemies so become a bit like the Orbs from Crackdown in terms of how addictive they are to collect.

The improvements made to InFamous 2 over its predecessor are few and far between. Graphically, its improved – as you might expect – and some of the weapons and combat is ever so slightly different – for the better. But beyond that its still an open world game where you can choose to be good or bad or somewhere in the middle where you fight the same sort of enemy in the same environment.

Infamous 2 PS3 game review PlayEject

The bad guys come in all sizes – InFamous 2

One gripe we have while reviewing InFamous 2 was the poor controls for combat and scaling walls. So many times we found ourselves jumping at an angle when climbing a building or the camera spinning not spinning around when we were under fire from the bad guys. Fair enough that this might happen a few times – but it was happening far too frequently and only added to the frustration of a game that was beginning to bore us already.

InFamous 2 is not a poor game by any measure. It has a decent comic-book story, humour and action. The inclusion of user-generated levels that can be played on-the-fly is a great idea and adds to the longevity of the game. But we just couldn’t get into it. After the first few spells of playing InFamous 2, we had no urge nor desire to switch it back on and be faced with what we felt was a pretty dated game that was sprinkled with nice touches.

InFamous 2 – Launch Trailer:

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