The year is 2027. The North and South divide between Korea has been closed with Kim Jung-Il and co rising up and dominating the world after waging war with all other nations, including the Far East and the USA. The new super-power from the Greater Korean Republic are a dominant force and the world is becoming over shadowed by a threat far worse than any previous world war. Welcome to Homefront.

A clear introduction to the events building up to ‘present day’ 2027 in Homefront shows how the Koreans have become a global super power and from the off, sucks you into the world of despair and chaos. You are Robert Jacobs, a helicopter pilot living in Montrose, Colorado. After being ordered to a re-education camp by the Greater Korean Republic soldiers, your transport is hit by a surprise attack by a group of rebels, the American Resistance Fighters, who take you under their wing as they attempt to make a stand on the West coast of America which is seen as a key territory by the Rebels and the Koreans.

So thats the Homefront story and its a pretty fast paced one that kept the PlayEject team interested throughout. So how does it play?

Well from the off you are on the run through Korean-controlled streets with just a pistol and 2 friends, Connor and Rianna. These friends will be your AI buddies for the rest of the game as they are the core to the American Resistance. The AI is a little ropey at times – standing in your way when trying to take a shot or not moving out of a doorway, etc – just little things but add up. So with the pistol you have to make your way through a petrol station, a few stores and meet up with other resistance members and get introduced to the mighty Goliath – a very useful piece of arsenal.

Goliath is a remote controlled armored vehicle that allows you to lock on and fire at enemy soldiers or other vehicles – also good to hide behind for cover!

The missions on Homefront are fairly varied in terms of location – each mission follows on from the last as you travel from one location to the other so nothing is ‘presumed’ or lost from the storyline. This keeps the story flowing and the action tense. One of the best missions for us was climbing the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and the epic fight against the onslaught of Korean forces to maintain the territory.

The single player mission is fairly short – it took a few hours to complete and that was with us hunting for the collectables rather than blitz our way through it. However, crank the difficulty up and you will face much tougher Koreans with much less hit points before death! The replay value is pretty good with some missions requiring multiple play throughs in order to get the full achievements on offer.Homefront game review PlayEject

The multiplayer of Homefront is really good as well and we think is where most people will play the game for longer. Although there are less game type options than say Call of Duty, the gameplay is exciting with massive teams, a decent amount of weapons and challenges and the unique feature of being able to purchase upgrades during battle, rather than at a class-creation before or after each match.

The vehicles on offer in single player and multiplayer are a great addition – we throughly enjoyed flying a helicopter as escort to a convoy in one particular mission and in the multiplayer, was spawned into a friendly humvee to man the gun turret while the driver hurtled towards an enemy camp.

The graphics in places do let it down a little – it sometimes doesn’t feel as polished as it could, the friendly AI aren’t always that helpful and the single player campaign is short. All being said, the story is great (although other reviews may say its completely unrealistic), the action is tense and you do feel immersed and the variation in the levels is a nice way to break up the game. The multiplayer will probably appeal to most but because its got a unique twist on purchasing ‘power ups’ it may be disliked by others.

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