Heavy Rain is a PS3 exclusive, released in 2010 and winner of numerous awards for its fantastically written story and the unbelievable use of the PS3′s power (amongst other awards). It is also available as a release for use with the Playstation Move controller but works excellently with the normal joypad.

The story in Heavy Rain follows a number of different characters who all have separate lives and interests but are connected by one key way – a Serial killer who goes by the name of the Origami Killer. The Police are baffled as to who this Serial Killer is and the only clues they have to go by are small Origami animals left in the hands of the victims at the scene of each murder.

The first character we are introduced to is Ethan Mars who is enjoying roaming around his house while waiting for his wife and two sons to come home from shopping. This is the perfect way to introduce the unique controls to the user by guiding Ethan around the house with his inner monologue as guide as to what is to be done. Its clear from the get-go that there’s a lot of interaction to be had when playing Heavy Rain as something as small as opening a cupboard requires a particular motion with the Play Controller or the Six-Axis joypad. Heavy Rain PS3 Game review Play Eject

From here we follow Ethan and his family into a busy shopping mall where his oldest son wanders off on his own and eventually gets knocked down by a car. Tearing the family apart and ripping their lives upside down, the emotions of the characters are portrayed brilliantly by the graphics and music by cut scenes and acting.

Over the course of the next couple of hours play time you will be introduced to another three main characters with whom you’ll have chance to play as with each of their stories introduced and their backgrounds unravelled as you play them out.

Parts of the game will find you solving the Origami Murder case as an FBI agent and the use of his ARI device-a virtual reality detective kit and database built in to the sunglasses and special glove of the FBI agent. When the ARI device is activated the environment takes on another dimension and allows clues to be spotted easier, files on the Origami Murderer case accessed and play ball against a virtual wall to pass some time-it’s a great idea and makes Heavy Rain more interactive.

Unfortunately you don’t get to pick and chose who you play as – the story dictates that when you get to a certain point or when something of significance has just occurred in the story. This is where Heavy Rain becomes a bit less of a game and more of an interactive movie.

As we’ve already mentioned, Heavy Rain is very story-driven and because the majority if the action is QTE driven, it become a bit tedious when going through some of the more mundane actions. Although if using the Playstation Move, those mundane actions do become a bit more fun.

Overall Heavy Rain has been a strange game to review, fantastic to play and a joy to watch. Its not a traditional game as its very story-driven and is heavily reliant on a series of advanced QTE (Quick Time Events) using the PS3′s six axis controller. As a showcase of the PS3 technical capabilities you would be hard pushed to get more. Until Heavy Rain 2 maybe!?

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