So the Master Chief hasn’t yet been ‘created’ but the world is under attack from the Covenant. Only the marines can help and luckily-you are one such marine!!

You begin the journey with a small recon team, a regular set of weapons and the objective of searching a nearby building for signs of life. It’s not long before the minions of the Covenant are attacking in force and you fall in to the familiar role of fighting the Elite Brutes and swapping to a plasma rifle.

Halo Reach xbox360 review

Halo Reach – Master Chief in action

The levels are varied with parts with driving vehicles, controlling mounted guns and taking on hoards of enemies.

Halo Reach’s co-op multiplayer makes playing through the large campaign more enjoyable as you can team up with a friend and take it turns to drive the Warthogs or banshees.

The online competitive multiplayer is great-the maps and variety of each map means a different style of play will play to the strengths of some players and not to others but the tables can turn on the next round!

The addition of the Bunjie servers allowing you to create levels to upload and share is another great addition which only adds to the life span of Halo Reach.

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