The big announcement and reveal has been made – GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) is officially on its way and it looks AMAZING!

Rumours are that it is expected to be the first game looking to reach the £1bn sales mark – the first game to be mentioned with anything of the sort. But if the fifth instalment to the Grand Theft Auto series is to be half as good as it looks in the official trailer below and builds on the last outing of GTA IV then its going to blow everything else out of the water. Have a look at the Official GTA 5 Trailer at PlayEject:

GTA 5 Trailer thoughts:

Aside from the excellent looking graphics and scenery, the major point we saw in the GTA V trailer was the new character, looking for a fresh start. This takes us away from previous characters of rags-to-riches and instead looks like it might be riches-to-rags? We can only speculate at this point but by the looks of things we might be able to start off driving sports cars and living in the flash houses that we all aspired to with CJ in San Andreas.

Although there wasn’t much of an idea of the size and scale of the world we can explore, we are hoping that the glipse of the mountain terrain spotted (with the hikers in the trailer) is an indication that there’s some more off-road locations which helped San Andreas’s world be so huge to explore. That said, if its literally just mountains and snow and sparse then we might not spend much time and it could be wasted opportunity. We have full faith in Rockstar to make best use though.

The only hint at missions to expect were the masked robbers jumping out of a van and the like. If working as part of a team is involved in the main story then this already changes the dynamics of previous GTA games where you have always worked alone. We’re hoping that there might be some sort of co-op multiplayer action for the campaign as there was in the multiplayer version of GTA 4 where you could perform drive-by shootings on other gangs and other misbehavings.

Provided there’s a decent amount of variety, a good combat system and the graphics perform well on the consoles, GTA 5 should be another instant hit.

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