If you as someone to name their favourite super hero chances are the Green Lantern won’t be in the top 5. A lesser-known character who is able to conjure up anything he can think of after gaining the power of the mysterious green ring, Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern – part of an galactic protection force against everything bad and not-green. But how does the Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters game do – typical tie-in or is there something more…?

For anyone not familiar with the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is Earth’s representative to the Green Lantern Corps who protect the galaxy from danger and evil which in this instance comes in the form of the Manhunters – human-shaped beings from planet Biot who come in all shapes and sizes. The Manhunters are after the Green Lantern’s natural energy source as well as trying to eliminate the Green Lanterns altogether so they can rule the universe. Same old story!Green Lantern 2011 game xbox ps3 review PlayEject

Hal Jordan is voiced by Ryan Renolds who plays the same role in the film tie-in to the Green Lantern game which adds a nice bit of added effect to the film/game link. Other voices from the film are also included and the cut scene rendering, although not lifelike, is decent enough and Renolds is recognisable enough.

Start to play the Green Lantern and its pretty clear from the outset what you should expect from the rest of the game – a series of levels where you fight your way through a series of increasingly harder and stronger enemies (the Manhunters) to reach the end of the level before progressing through more cut scenes and zipping off to save another planet. Its a tried and tested story and gameplay and does exactly what it says on the tin.

As Hal jordan progresses through the levels he will increase his experience levels which allow you to buy new upgrades to the combat side of things as well as new Constructs – weapons that are generated from the power of the ring. Up to 8 Constructs can be assigned at any time ranging from a huge Hammer which is also used to open doors to a Gatling gun which is great for clearing out lots of Manhunters in one go!

Green Lantern 2011 game xbox ps3 review PlayEject

Manhunters – a Green Lanterns worst enemy

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters does what it does quite well. But after the first couple of levels and unlocking some bigger weapons, its clear that imagination ran out on level and enemy design. There’s a couple of levels where Hal Jordan takes to the skies and you control him flying through space dodging bullets from Manhunters and get to power-up to change Jordan into a pretty cool-looking Fighter jet but its just a bit of gloss on the same character – nothing really changes once you power up and the flying levels are short acting really as a stop-gap between levels.

One thing we have to mention is that while doing the Green Lantern review we couldn’t help like we had done all this before. It wasn’t until we’d cleared the nth wave of bad guys and during mid-flight to the next stage we remembered how similar the entire game – look and feel – is to another recent comic book hero game – Thor: God of Thunder. From the continual waves of spawning enemies to the progessive power-ups even to the flying-through-the-air-to-reach-a-new-bit after each part of the level. Its at this point we lost all respect for the Green Lantern game – it might be developed by different parties and even at different times but if you look not too closely you will spot so many similarities its unreal. Albeit Green Lantern is better than Thor – not that says much!

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters gameplay trailer:

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