God of War 3 is the final installment in the tale of Kratos, son of Zeus who we last saw defeating a God by the name of Ares and touted as one of the best beat em up’s ever made. Being a PS3 exclusive, not everyone will get to play as Kratos of be a God of War – but everyone should.

God of War 3 kicks off with a cinematic introduction that wouldn’t look out of place in a massive Hollywood blockbuster, with a brief background as to how Kratos ended up annoying the Gods and basically glossing over his shenanigans from the last two God of War games bringing us up to date where we see Zeus atop Mount Olympus with some other God buddies. Below them is a scene of devastation as Olympus looks in ruins and debris. The camera pans down the mountain where we see massive rock-like creatures (Titans) with our hero, Kratos, riding on one of the Titans, Gaia.

After a decent opening, the game sets about introducing the player to Kratos’ armoury and skillset, getting you to grips with the different weapons and strikes before the story takes an unexpected twist, seeing Kratos plummeting down Mount Olympus and into the depths of Hell where Hades himself awaits our muscle bound, red striped hero…
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The God of War series has always been hailed as brilliant – with fantastically addictive gameplay, frantic action, epic boss battles and superb graphics. We’ve not been short changed here – the final installment delivers on all accounts all the while providing a plot that shows another side to Kratos and keeping the game flowing with some puzzles thrown in to the action.

The addition of the flying/falling mini levels is a nice touch as it breaks up the fighting and is an effective way of helping the story progress in real time and to help Kratos travel from one place to another without some unexplained cut-scene. Swopping down a cavern at an unbelievable speed while dodging oncoming obstacles is a thrill, especially when you make it unscathed and glide into an enormous cavern with the camera panning back so you can really appreciate the breathtaking graphics.

The Quick Time Events (QTE) are back again – some will appear when an enemy is worn down enough to perform a certain move and are optional whereas some QTE’s are necessary to help the game and the story move forward – boss fights for example use QTE’s heavily after you’ve found the weak spot and worn them down enough. The use of QTE’s might not appeal to everyone but God of War 3 makes good use of them and don’t feel over-abused or that they get in the way. In fact in some later boss battles when its been fraught, seeing a QTE prompt is encouraging as it means your hard work is paying off and defeating another God is not too far away!

Of course with other God of Wars and the very nature of the genre, its not a multiplayer game. However, there is replay appeal as on the first playthrough certain things will be likely missed and Godly Posessions can be collected to be used on the next play-through. These range from Zeus’ Eagle (extra Rage meter) to Poseiden’s Conch Shell (unlimited magic meter). This means playing the game on the harder level is fairer as the harder difficulty is just that!

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