Forza 3 was highly anticipated and delivered on the promise of being one of the most realistic and thrilling driving experiences.

Switching on the game and firing up the Career mode, you are seated in the awesome Audi r8 for a couple of laps to get you into the mood of driving one of the worlds best cars around a beautiful track.  Definately whets the whistles!

Aside from the Gran Tourismo, arguably no other driving series on any platform has come close to providing the gamer with the amount of cars, tuning options and world-wide tracks to experience.

For anyone not familiar with the series, you start off with a limited budget and a choice of sporty hatchback cars to purchase.  After you start winning races the money starts rolling in and the more expensive cars become available to buy and customise to your hearts content.

Forza 3 game review PlayEject

Stunning looking cars of all shapes and sizes

The Career mode is based around 6 seasons – each season containing more and more races which limit the class of car you can use in each, enticing you to drive different style of cars throughout the game.

The online mode is really enjoyable especially with friends.  Finding a game to connect to should be easy enough as although this game has been out for a while, it is still a massively played game – a point proven if you visit the online Auction house…

The online Action House is where you can buy or sell cars, tuning setups and decor styles for cars.  With money earned in-game, you can bid e-bay style for any car on there which get delivered to your garage to increase your collection.

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