Any gamer who enjoys football (or soccer, depending where you’re from!) will no doubt have played a FIFA game at some point in their lives. Whether it was the first generation of FIFA Soccer games on the Mega Drive, the Sony Playstation or the current generation of consoles – everyone will recognise the name and know that famous slogan – EA Sports – its in the game!

For the last 3 years it has been fair to say that Pro Evo Soccer (PES) has lost its place as the gamers choice as favourite soccer game and been replaced by the re-vamped FIFA and FIFA 11 continues that tradition.

Every year we know we can expect a new FIFA game around October time and each year the PlayEject team start buzzing with excitement at what it could hold and getting one up on your mates with players at the proper clubs.

In terms of what is new in FIFA 11, the graphics have been improved slightly, the game plays a bit slicker with the passing engine being tweaked and, most noticably, the computer AI has been enhanced to make games more challenging.

With all soccer games that PlayEject have played in the past it is clear that the AI difficulty is a tricky thing to get right. In older games you could almost certainly score by angling a shot from a set location or get past any player with a certain move. FIFA 11 has taken steps to make sure you can’t do that any more but in some ways, has gone too far – for example we’ve been playing a Career mode with Liverpool and have won games 3 or 4 nil against tough teams but then been hammered by the AI against poor teams. Some would argue this is the player but its happened to a number of people we’ve spoken to as well.

While that can be a good thing to make you change your style of play or make things more interesting, there is a feeling sometimes that you’re never going to score no matter what tactic you employ.

Its multiplayer that FIFA 11 is at its best – whether its with a few friends in the same room or online, FIFA 11 offers plenty of options including creating an online league for friends. You can also play full 11 on 11 matches and also create a ‘club’ online where you can play tournaments.FIFA 11 xbox 360 game review PlayEject

The newest addition to the FIFA 11 gameplay though is the option to be a Goalkeeper. While this isn’t everyones cup of tea, it does give another option to play the odd game or Career mode as a keeper and experience the highs and lows of pulling off great saves or seeing the ball trickle past you!

Being able to link your EAFootballWorld account to FIFA and download your game face is a nice touch as well as being able to upload your video replays and screenshots to share with the world. Its little things like that which make FIFA a cut above the rest in our opinion.

The question that we ask ourselves each year, and FIFA 11 is no different, how can this improve again? We will have to wait until October to find out but until then we’re off to put jumpers for goalposts and wish we were playing FIFA.

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