Fallout 3 was one of the biggest games of 2008 and was the latest in the line of the Fallout series which sees survivors of a global nuclear war, decimating the planet.

Fallout New Vegas is a follow-up, but not a sequel, to Fallout 3. As guessed from the title, this Fallout is set in Nevada and its surrounding landmarks, most notably, Las Vegas.

For any Fallout fan, the opportunity to play new storylines with new characters in a new setting is very exciting. For those not so aware of Fallout, it might seem bizzarre to see Las Vegas in a Mad Max style setting with wastelanders, deathclaws and gecko’s attacking you at every given opportunity. However even for those not familiar with the whole ‘Vault’ story and the history of how the world came to be is explained as you unravel the twists and turns in the main storyline.

Fallout New Vegas xbox360 game review

Fallout New Vegas xbox360 game review

As with Fallout 3, New Vegas has many different sub plots and side missions for you to explore and earn xp to help you level up, meet new characters and find new weapons. It must be said, although New Vegas does not directly follow on from Fallout 3, this is a massive game in its own right and easily as big as the last. To give you an idea, we have been playing this for 40+ hours and have not yet gotten to where (we think) the story has climaxed – there’s so much on offer with this game.

Some may say that the game becomes repetitive as the missions are relatively similar but its the story and the relationship with the characters that evolve that keep pushing the game forward and leave you wanting to reach that next part of the map or get another 20xp.

The combat takes place in 2 different forms – the usual ‘aim and shoot’ as you’d expect from any shooter, and the more precise V.A.T.S system. This is unique to Fallout and when activated, stops the game, allows you to pinpoint an enemy and the body part of that enemy you want to target. The trick is to make sure you have enough VATS points for the gun you are using and find the weakspot on that particular enemy. The downside is that you are limited on the amount of VATS points you have and that distance and weapon play a big part in the effectiveness of the Fallout VATS system.

Overall, Fallout New Vegas is a brilliantly made, cleverly written, huge game with re-play potential for different outcomes to the stories.

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