Fable 3 is the latest installment from Lionhead studios that allows the player to become a hero or a villain in the massive open world of Albion. Set 50 years after Fable 2, the old king of Albion has died and reign has gone to Logan -a King who doesn’t seem to have the best intentions of the people at heart!

You play Logan’s brother – the Hero – who, after a blazing row with your older brother, flees the kingdom and ends up in the mountains with the Dwellers. Its from here that you start rebuilding your life and plan to build up a revolution of followers to take on Logan’s army in the Kingdom and become King yourself.

There are a huge number of quests and missions available – some are optional and are there to help boost your player with experience or money whereas others are part of the epic story. The missions vary from the early menial tasks of fetching or killing a few bandits, to much more interesting and in-depth missions where you will face some more advanced foes and test your skills in battle by using a combination of weapons and magic.

Throughout the game you’ll find yourself earning some money – not much at first but it will steadily build up. You can then chose what to do with your hard earned cash – buy some new weapons maybe, or some property so you have a place to stay and rest, maybe furnish the houses own to rent out, or even better – buy a shop so you get regular income over time. You’ll soon become a property mogul in Albion and end up owning most of the houses. Be careful though – the temptation to raise prices in shops or rent might seem like a good idea to make a quick buck but the citizens of Albion will start to dislike the idea of a tycoon taking all their money and will turn against you – making you slightly evil.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg as all your actions throughout Fable 3 will either make you loved or hated. As with previous Fable games, you can perform expressions on anyone you meet and try to charm them to get gifts off them, or scare people into doing your bidding. Each action will affect your Karma meter and end up with certain reactions from the locals – you have been warned.Fable 3 game review PlayEject

But building up an empire and becoming King is just the start – we were quite chuffed with ourselves when we eventually gain the Kingdom through hard work and some great battles. But little did we know that was just half the game!

Once you become King you will be given a list of Royal duties to perform – including the option to keep the promises you made to your companions you met earlier in the game that helped you to get where you are. The promise you made to a certain party of followers may have an adverse affect on another party of followers or perhaps the treasury of the Kingdom – but you wouldn’t break a promise to someone who’s reliably helped you out would you? Isn’t that how Logan started out?? And so playing the King is perhaps not all that afterall…

If you’ve ever played a Fable game before then you’ll understand why its so successful. The interactive world, the massive locations with tons of quests, the humour injected into the game and the addictiveness of playing just one-more-mission.

the guest appearances by some famous voices is great – James Corden, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Fry – they all pop up from time to time and its literally a who’s who of those that wanted to be involved in such a great game.

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