Anyone who has played FEAR or a sequel will be familiar with Alma and the crazy scary experience that comes with it. F3AR adds to the experience by allowing players to play as either one of Alma’s sons, Point Man or Paxton Fettel – each giving their own style of play.

FEAR 3 or First Encounter Assault Recon (3) has picked up the ball from the second game and gone on full sprint. The default character is Point Man, the non-psychic brother of the two. His skills are in firearms and traditional combat which are put to use on each level in the familiar first person shooter style. Able to carry two weapons at any time as well as a selection of grenades, selecting your load out is to be done with care and forethought. Typically we found that is there was a sniper rifle hanging around in an ammo dump then we would take it as the level would call for it and likewise with RPG’s etc so you’re never left un-armed or under-equipped.
Fear 3 F3AR game review PS3 Xbox 360 PlayEject
Complete a level on single player and you can re-play as Paxton Fettel – the more ‘gifted’ brother who has psychic abilities and radically changes how you approach certain situations on levels – rather than gun toting you feel more like a powerful master of Jedi mind-tricks being able to lift and move objects and enemies, etc.

The enemies you will encounter range from standard Armacham soldiers to zombie-style human remains to demonic dogs that explode into flames when you kill them. Each enemy type has their weaknesses and strengths which can be exploited with the right approach (depending on who you play as). One thing to note is that the evil demons are also against the human soldiers so at times it is best to sit back and let some of the bad guys take each other out before you wade in and rid what is left.

Fear 3 F3AR game review PS3 Xbox 360 PlayEject

Paxton Fettel – brother to Point Man and son of Alma

In terms of how scary F3AR/Fear 3 actually is depends on your surroundings. We started the F3AR review in the middle of the day and the only thing we found jumpy were some loud shouts and someone popping up after we thought we’d got him. However, play it on your own at night with the lights off and the music cranked up and its a different story. The music and sound effects are spot on to create a great environment that submerses you into the story. Add to that Alma appearing and reappearing every so often and a demon trying to eat your face before vanishing again – tense stuff. But take away the music and the sound effects and its just another shooter (albeit a very good one).

The visuals are nothing short of brilliant. The detail in the landscape, scenery, weapons, characters and the red sky as you near Alma is crystal clear and in HD looks amazing. One other nice feature we liked was when we were taking cover from the Armacham, someone would be shouting ‘behind the sofa’ or ‘by the crate’ which was exactly where we were. Nice features that help immerse you in the world.

Fear 3 F3AR game review PS3 Xbox 360 PlayEject

Just one gruesome scene from F3AR

Fear 3′s Multiplayer modes allow you to play co-op story mode which changes the whole dynamic in a huge way. Playing as Point Man is pretty much the same but add Fettel into the mix at the same time and you will be teaming up to take down masses of enemies in unique ways that simply isn’t possible in single player. Throw yourself into the competitive multiplayer modes and its a whole new ball game. Similar to Left 4 Dead or Call of Duty Zombies, you can team up to take down hoardes of enemies separated only by safe rooms or you can go free-for-all with one lucky player as a spectre who can take over the body of an unsuspecting enemy to twist the game on its head. Its frantic stuff online but we really enjoyed the F**king Run multiplayer – being chased by Alma’s wave of death while picking off enemies is great fun if a little f3arsome (sorry!).

Overall, Fear 3 is the best in the series. Graphically it trumps many of its rivals, pulls you into a well created environment thanks to the superb soundtrack and effects and the action is thick and fast. In single player its great. In co-op its a treat.

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