Adam Jensen is head of the security services for Sarif Industries, a hi tech privately owned company researching all sorts of secret and wonderful futuristic things. When Sarif industries is attacked by a mysterious gang of Augmented mercenaries, Jensen swoops into action and makes his way down towards the labs where the enemies have congregated and also where his girlfriend is working. Jensen is caught in an explosion which leaves him on the brink of death where David Sarif saves his life by augmenting Jensen and making him, well still Adam Jensen but its the introduction to Deus Ex: Human Revolution!
Deus Ex Human Revolution game review Playeject

While this story line might seem familiar to anybody who’s seen the 1980′s original RoboCop, where even characters in the game make reference to the similarities, its a neat way to begin the adventure. And that is essentially the training level, easing you in to the basic controls and giving you chance to get to grips with the basics before you get some of your Augmentations which is where Deus Ex Human Revolution really starts to come into its own. You being with a new HUD perspective which displays ammo, health, battery life (for your Augmentations) and a small radar showing objectives and enemies. You will also notice that the world has taken on a slightly grainier outlook and certain items are highlighted in yellow. This is to help distinguish collectable or interactive objects from
the detailed real-world of Detroit.

The story surrounds Adam Jensen basically doing David Sarif’s bidding in all manner of missions. Along the way you will meet various characters who will unlock side missions which when completed will earn you rewards such as additional intel on other missions as well as the all important experience points to help you rank up.
Deus Ex Human Revolution game review Playeject
The missions vary slightly from breaking in to a secure compound to maybe steal intel or to trying to co-erse somebody into giving up secrets so you can gain access to something. How you reach the objective is up to you – either by stealth or a full frontal assault. Also you might find that just getting to the end point as quick as you can and hacking you way through terminals and doors is what you’re all about but if you do some investigating into the locale and properly search enemies you take down you will often find Pocket Secretaries which will have key codes and passwords in for you to use for the same doors.

The big feature of Deus Ex Human Revolution is the Augmentation upgrades. As you collect xp or collect/earn Praxis packs, you can upgrade certain elements of your body that unlock or increase the effectiveness of certain power-ups. You can go for the physical side of things like being able to carry more in the inventory and lifting heavier objects, go Stealth by muffling your footsteps and when you land from heights, or you can go for the tech side of things and increase the hacking capabilities and X ray vision for Adam Jensen. Again it is all down to how you want to play the game as upgrading your hacking skills when you’re all for digging for passcodes isn’t smart.

Deus Ex Human Revolution game review Playeject

Augmentation upgrades for Adam Jensen

The combat engine in Deus Ex is as we’d expect – a standard range of weapons frmo pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles as well as the unlockable Typhoon which is so much fun when done in the right environment – a 360 degree missile launcher. There’s also a plentiful supply of grenades to give you an option when taking on masses. The cover system works well and also doubles up as a decent way of staying out of line-of-sight from enemies.

Overall, Deus Ex Human Revolution plays like an infinitely better futuristic Alpha Protocol combined with say Splinter Cell. The story unravels brilliantly and the optional side missions provide longevity and a welcome distraction to the main story while allowing you to earn extra xp.

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