For anybody who played the original Dead Space game will be all to familiar with the term Necromorphs, Stasis and of course, Isaac Clarke. For those less familiar – you’re in for a treat and one heck of a fright along the way!

Dead Space 2 picks up a few years after the ending of the first game with Isaac Clarke recovering from amnesia of the last 3 years and in a straight jacket. As the game starts you see Clarkes doctor be killed by a Necromorph who then turns its attention your way. As Clarke is bound by a StraightJacket, you must guide your way through to safety, dodging oncoming Necromorphs who try to dismember you with their flailing tentacles and rather sharp teeth. Pretty tense stuff for the first few minutes of a game.Dead Space 2 game review PlayEject

Eventually you are freed from the straightjacket and find some weapons – more familiar faces here as the Line Cutter and Rail gun make welcome returns – and you are able to defend yourself and cut off the limbs of the Necromorphs who will pop up from the dead bodies or vents or literally anywhere! Ammo needs to be used conservatively but the auto-melee will kick in if you get too close to an enemy which is handy when the action gets frantic and you end up firing off rounds every which way just to clear a path to safety.

The Stasis feature also plays a big part to the game as it did in the original. The Stasis module allows Clarke to either pick up and levitate/move objects that he would not normally be able to move. It also allows enemies and moving objects to be slowed down so you can take a better aim at a necromorph limb or get through a fast moving door without being chopped in half!

Visceral have obviously put thought into the Zero-G sections of Dead Space 2 and rather than make you ‘jump’ from one platform to another (as you did in the original Dead Space) you can now float around and use mini boosters on your Rig (spacesuit) to control the direction, etc. Its a welcome development to the game and demonstrates just one of the small changes put into Dead Space 2 that make it that little bit better than its predecessor.

The story is as gripping as the original with not only some great survival horror moments but also Clarke fighting his own demons and recovering from Amnesia with flashbacks mid way through a level when you’re already on your toes trying to preserve ammo makes for some scary but classic moments.

The inclusion of a Mutliplayer to the Dead Space franchise was also welcomed and is similar (in concept) to Left 4 Dead in that 2 teams of opposite species are set against each other – Humans v’s Necromorphs. It becomes a game of cat and mouse and clever team work as if a team of Necromorphs can hunt and isolate a human player then they can do some serious damage. The tense action from the single player storyline is definately not lost in the mutliplayer action.
Overall, when we found out Dead Space 2 was being released PlayEject were definately excited about the prospect of taking on more Necromorphs and we were definitely not let down – an excellent game that has taken the original and built on it as all good sequels should.

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