De Blob 1 was a hit exclusive to the Nintendo Wii way back in 2008 – anybody outside of the Wii game radar or maybe over a certain age may not be familiar with De Blob or da Blob, etc let alone a sequel. But a hit is a hit so bringing De Blob franchise to other platforms is a wise move, yes? When we had the opportunity to review De Blob 2 on the xbox 360, we were a little cautious as to what we might expect…

The premise of the game is very simple. You are a blob who can suck up colours and then paint the environment by simply rolling around. Sounds simple enough – so where’s the fun in that? Well, the ‘story’ is that the enemy of the game, Papa Blanc, is sucking the colour from the environments in the Blob world and to rid Papa Blanc and his minions, our hero must inject colour into the buildings, roads, plants, etc.

Each level is set in a different location which has a slight theme change, such as a desert island or built up cities. Each level has a number of mini challenges which needs to be completed before the next world becomes available and each level is against the clock. Extra time is awarded for completing mini missions or performing certain actions such as colouring a certain amount of Papa Blanc’s minions.

The characters in the game make you feel immersed in the world, with each level having slightly different characters native to that land and Blob’s friends who crop up from time to time to help discover new methods of painting the environment or moving quickly around the map. The way Blob bounces and rolls around the worlds are clever and make the game feel substantial to control.

De Blob 2 is a fun game to play and provides a strange sense of satisfaction when you colour a world with paint and earn a gold medal for destroying all of Papa Blanc’s minions. The side-on mini missions are a fun addition and help break up the gameplay a little but the main problem that PlayEject found during our review was the camera angle.De Blob 2 xbox 360Game review PlayEject

The 3D world of De Blob 2 means the camera angle would swing around as Blob rolled around larger objects, such as buildings, but that new angle would block the view meaning we would have to stop mid roll to adjust the angle – it doesn’t sound much and could be classed as being picky but the fact is, if you can’t see where you’re going and you land in a hazardous pool of ink or water and lose your colour for that roll, you could end up losing valuable time and have to re-do some of the paintwork you’ve just done.

The levels are also not varied enough to keep us hooked to continually want to come back to the game, despite the aforementioned satisfaction of rolling a gold medal or covering a town full of colourful paint.

The 2 player aspect was interesting and definately added another angle to playing the game. The player 2 character, Pinky, is useful to have around – especially during boss battles. Pinky is able to shoot at Blanc’s rather than roll colour into them which changes the dynamic of the game slightly but also makes player 2 feel more of an accessory rather than a necessity.

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