Clash of the Titans the game was released to tie in with the film of the same name which starred Sam Worthington of the classic 1980′s original. The film itself wasn’t a huge success but games are different industry…

Unfortunately, Clash of the Titans game is no better. In fact in our opinion, its awful. The opening video sequence of the game starts off with some dramatic in-game fighting action of our hero, Perseus, taking on enemies small and large and looks ok-ish. Then the game starts. The story is set with the use of narration and cut scenes with textured worlds looking like they’ve been dragged kicking and screaming from a PS2 port.

Playing the game doesn’t get much better. Starting off in Perseus’ home village you are taken through a series of tedious training tasks to get used to the controls and combat. This is the norm in most games and is widely accepted. But because there’s so little depth to Clash of the Titans game it feels too long in the tooth and a waste of time. Clash of the Titans Game Review PlayEject

The really poor part of the game has to be the lack of detail when the characters are interacting. Talking to villagers or even key characters, the animation is so poor that the mouths move in the same motion regardless of what is being said or how long the speech is – its really bad! Add to that the voice acting (with a village ‘full’ of accents from over the top posh British to American!) and it lets down Clash of the Titans game in a bad way before its gotten started properly.

But we persevered – going through the motions of taking on the next few quests. The quests themselves are set by going up to a person with an icon above their head, hearing their dilemma and then choosing to accept the quest straight away or come back later. The majority of quests are to battle your way through somewhere to either retrieve something or kill someone. To be fair, thats acceptable given the theme of the game and the film. Progressing through quests will mean fighting various mythical foes from warrior skeletons and ghostly sprites right up to the huge, awesome-looking bosses of the winged Lion and eventually Medusa.
Clash of the Titans game review PlayEject
The combat is simple enough to master – one button for light attack, one for heavy and another to jump. A few small combo’s can be executed and later on you’re given a bow for ranged attacks. You can also steal the weapons of enemies by using a technique Clash has named ‘sub-weapon’. By weakening your opponent you can attempt to grab hold of their weapon and steal it and deal a final blow in the process by pressing certain buttons when the screen flashes. It all happens a bit too quick the first few times but you get used to it and is a good way of expanding your arsenal. These weapons can be upgraded by collecting souls as you kill more enemies and some weapons are required to kill mini-bosses and get past obstacles. This is the only depth the game has though.

We played the game for what felt like an age and have to be honest – we gave up before we completed it. It was feeling too much like a chore to play it as it was the same quests, battles and poor acting/cut scenes the whole way through. Had just 1 part of Clash of the Titans game been better then it might have helped towards a feeling of accomplishment you would expect from a game when beating a boss or progressing closer to the end goal. Unfortunately, a poorly made game that looks like an old-generation console port has been made to tie in with a film and cash-in. All too familiar.

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