Following on from one of the all-time greatest, most played and highest grossing games of all time, Call of Duty Black Ops had one of the biggest hurdles to climb – to be even better.

Joining the thousands of fans all over the UK for the midnight launch of Call of Duty Black Ops, we were not disappointed.

Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox 360 Review - multiplayer

Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox 360 Review – multiplayer

The story is set during your main character being interrogated for information about previous missions. The missions for the game are flashbacks to these events and consequently each mission is set in a different location. Its a very clever way of moving the game from one scenario to the other without having to provide a storyline that could prove tedious to link them all in. As it is, the story mode is short but very well written and presented.

The Multiplayer is where the majority of Call of Duty fans will spend their time. Black Ops offers the same set up as previous Call of Duty multiplayer outings with the ability to create classes, ranking up and getting the Prestige levels for the more hardcore of players.

There has never been an instance of us playing this game where we’ve not been able to find a game to join – literally tens or hundreds of thousands of players have been on at the same time as us from across the world – at very different times of the day (and night!!).

The action is non-stop – the variety of guns is massive (unlocking more guns in multiplayer as you gain higher levels) and the feeling of ‘just one more game’ soon takes over. Each environment you play in will immerse you in the post-war decay of buildings or the shock and awe of a huge battleground in streets and around homes. With each gun shot that goes off around you Black Ops will have you hungry for more.

Call of Duty Black Ops is, simply put, outstanding.

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