Bulletstorm for the xbox360 was a game set to change the way we play fps (First Person Shooters) forever. Promising exciting gameplay, a host of mulitplayer options and the all important ‘Skillshot’ kills we ask – does it deliver?

Our initial verdict is yes – as soon as you immerse yourself into the campaign world you given a standard issue rifle and a hefty boot to kick items and enemies. A short while on in the campaign you are given the leash and soon becomes second nature to leash onto an enemy to thrust him towards you, put a few rounds in him then boot back into a nearby electric cable to finish him off, bagging a decent amount of ‘skillshot’ points in the process.

However, after playing Bulletstorm for 3-4 hours in the campaign it is clear that the same team behind Gears of War are also behind Bulletstorm. The characters in the game, the ‘roadie run’ style of sprinting, the graphics and the worlds…in fact the only things missing are a chainsaw (replaced by a whip) and the cover-system which is severly lacking.

Bulletstorm xbox 360 review PlayEject

Crazy combo-fuelled action in Bulletstorm

Instead of a cover-system unlike Gears of War (where you can snap to cover and pop out to shoot) you are left to find your own cover and pop up/out when you need to. This does allow for faster action though when in the frenzied battlefield!

Bulletstorm’s Skillshot system is the unique thing about this game (next to, maybe The Club, for example). How you make kills on different types of enemy will determine the amount of Skillshot points you earn. For example, a simple headshot would earn maybe +100 points the first time around and +25 thereon in. Setting an enemy on fire, leashing him towards you and booting him into a hazard of the environment, however could earn you +250. The more skillshot points you earn, the more weapons you unlock and upgrade and the more skillshot options become available. Very clever.

The multiplayer is also very good – team based action not too dissimilar to Gears of War is always welcome and its possible to rack up a decent score and skillshot types on a hectic set of maps.

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