You’d be forgiven for asking exactly what is a Katamari? Well it turns out Beautiful Katamari is a very strange, yet thoroughly enjoyable game of complete originality.

The idea of the game, and bear with us here, is to roll up your sticky ball (Katamari) through the scenery to pick up items, getting larger as you roll which allows you to pick up even larger items as you go. The target of each level is to either roll up a Katamari to a certain size, beat the clock or collect certain items such as sweets, cars or items on a theme (like anything to do with ‘water’).

Beautiful Katamari is originally from Japan and is hugely successful. For anybody who’s played the game you will understand what we mean when we say that its very easy to relax by playing the game for a couple of hours on end when you fancy something ‘a bit different’. In terms of repetitiveness, it can be a bit samey but its also strangely addictive as you want to beat your previous Katamari size or time, etc.

Beautiful Katamari xbox360 game review by PlayEject

Roll up, Roll up with Beautiful Katamari

There is a very bizarre story to the game which deserves a mention (again if only for the complete unique element that Beautiful Katamari offers) – you are one of the Princes to the King of the Cosmos (we’re not making this up), who sits on his throne in the galaxy and at the start of each level will ask you to collect a Katamari of a certain size or to collect a number of themed items. At the end of each level, the King of the Cosmos will assess your efforts and give your Katamari a score to rank you. If you get a decent rank then you can progress.

Although Beautiful Katamari is different and unique, it shouldn’t necessarily be avoided or branded as something for a certain genre or gamer type – it is a game that almost anybody could appreciate and enjoy. Its certainly an old reliable that we love to put on the xbox every now and again and roll around the world, collecting Sumo wrestlers, Racing Cars and the Pyramids (seriously).

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