Batman is one of the worlds most recognised and loved comicbook hero’s. Almost every kid in the world knows who he is and has some early memory of their first Batman experience whether it be from a comic book, cartoon, classic Adam West series from the TV or the more recent movies.

With that in mind, Batman’s first outing (in his own game) to the xbox360 has to live up the hype where previous Batman games on other consoles have let us down (Batman Returns – we’re looking at you!). Batman Arkham Asylum is the game that sees our caped crusader trapped within the confines of Gotham City’s notorious home for the criminally insane with the inmates running lose thanks to the Joker and his cronies.

Batman has to fight his way through Arkham, solving some puzzles as he goes, to get to the Joker, meeting classic Batman enemies on the way, such as Poison Ivy, Killer Croc and Scarecrow to name just a few (although sadly no Penguin or visual appearance from the Riddler).

Batman Arkham Asylum xbox360 game review PlayEject

Bats doing his stuff against the Jokers henchmen

Batman Arkham Asylum is essentially an adventure beat-em-up that sees you have freedom to roam around Arkham (although some parts are locked until later levels), battling the various inmates to try to get closer to the Joker. The use of Batman ‘wonderful toys’ (reference for film buffs and fans!) in the Arkham environment is excellent, allowing you to quickly disappear from trouble or line of sight from the inmates, change your vision to Batman’s heat sensor to spot enemies in xray vision (to plan your next attack) and then stealthily swoop down on an unsuspecting inmate and take him out before anybody else sees in true Batman fashion.

Its the little things like that throughout the game that make you feel part of Batman’s quest and for any Batman fan, is something we’ve been waiting a long time for.

The game also has a challenge mode which pits you in a room with a number of inmates and mini bosses for you to defeat with the best combo and time possible to earn rankings on that challenge, unlocking more challenges on the way – a great way to not only add longevity to the game but to help players improve their combat skills and combos for the real game.

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