Alpha Protocol is a game that combines 24 with Mass Effect, setting you as an agent for a secret Government division, the Alpha Protocol, that deploys agents deep undercover in various corners of the globe to seek out and eliminate terrorist cells and threats.

You play Michael Thorton, the newest recruit to the Alpha Protocol division who undergoes a series of short training sequences and is introduced to his colleagues before being dropped into the middle East with his first real set of objectives.

During the first few mini missions you will be introduced to the combat and dialogue engines which are similar to that of Mass Effect. The conversations you have with characters in the game will determine your relationship with those people as well as other future potential relationships and even story outcomes. You really do have to think about how you want to react in certain situations as killing someone in the first 10 minutes when you had the option to turn them free could come back and haunt you much later on in the Alpha Protocol Xbox360 review PlayEjectgame!!

As you progress through Alpha Protocol you will pick up Advanced experience points which go towards not only leveling up Thorton’s abilities but also towards more advanced techniques and weapons that can be used in the game to give Thorton a boost in certain situations. Depending on how you distribute these points will go a long way in determining how you play the game – for example, upgrading the stealth techniques will allow you to sneak past enemies easier, avoiding firefights and unwanted attention. If you choose to upgrade the technical side of Thorton then he will easier be able to hack his way through computer terminals, doors, etc.

Alpha Protocol is a game that we were looking forward to given that it was supposed to be Bourne/Bond/Bauer in 1. Sega and Obsidian have done well to put these characteristics and excellent story into a game. The downside is that graphically, it doesn’t stand out and sometimes feels a little bit like a port from an earlier console (albeit a great port). The combat is both hand to hand and firearms but with the option to utilise stealth and the environment around Thorton which adds another level to the game (rather than feeling you have to shoot your way through levels).

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