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April 13, 2011

HMV RePlay Trade App launch

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Written by: PlayEject
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Whether you agree with the concept or not, trading in a game after you’ve finishing playing it is one of the best ways to help afford that next title to your collection. The market for the Trade-In games is massive as all companies involved, from Game and Gamestation to HMV and Argos, realise that any money they make on the Trade-Ins is pure profit.

But rather than find yourself wandering the High Streets with a couple of games in your hands, trying to find the best price, HMV have released their free Re/Play App for the Iphone and Android. This app allows you to search or scan a barcode for the game you want to trade and find out up-to-the-minute prices for what you’ll receive as in store credit for future HMV purchases.

PlayEject used the app on the iphone and searched for a couple of games we have to see how it works. Using the built-in barcode scanner is the easiest (if you’ve got the game with you) but searching is just as easy and the results offer to locate the nearest HMV store to your location.

The app is completely free and is a big step for HMV as a struggling High Street retailer trying to compete with the growing presence of the Internet Market who can offer better prices due to less overheads.

So for anyone wanting to find out what their collection is worth – HMV Re/Play app for Iphone and Android could be the first stop!

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