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April 12, 2011

C64 – the C stands for Comeback


Any gamer over the age of 25 will have fond memories of the classic Commodore 64 with its distinct beige keyboard and tape deck, rainbow logo and the famous blue and white display from the load screen. Anyone thats played on a Commodore will no doubt remember the insane loading times, watching the counter on the tape deck tick round until the epilepsy-inducing loading screens finish flashing and the pixellated characters appear on screen and you can start playing…

Well thats soon to be a reality all over again as Commodore USA are releasing a brand new version of the console which will run on Microsoft Windows 7. The new C64 console is also boasting a DVD or Blu Ray slot as well as Wireless capabilities (online Chuckie Egg anyone?).

The new Commodore device is on sale now from the site with a basic system costing $250 going up to a whopping $895 but is also expected to be on sale in stores later on this year across Europe. The console currently comes shipped with the Classic Games package but we’re hoping that more games will be released in time so we can relive some of our favourites – Dizzy being top of the list!!

The release of the new C64 console follows Commodore releasing its game-cabinet application through Itunes for the iphone and ipad, allowing gamers to select retro classics such as manic miner, Chuckie Egg and others. Commodore has also been present in both the original Tron film and the Tron Legacy film released on DVD and Blu Ray this year.

What’s next – Sega releasing the Master System or Atari and the doomed Lynx?

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