Wild Target is originally a French film remade for the British Audience starring Bill Nighy as the old school hitman, Victor Maynard, who is famed for being the best in the business. When he is given the next target of the beautiful and eccentric thief, Rose (Emily Blunt – The Adjustment Bureau), Victor finds himself warming to her charms and intrigued by her wild and care free attitude to life. From the trailer (see below) we were keen to see if it is as good as it looks!
Wild Target 2010 film review PlayEject

Rose (Emily Blunt) is a beautiful care free young woman who gets her way by using her looks and takes whatever she wants as an opportunist thief. When she double crosses art dealer Ferguson, she has a contract on her head and Victor Maynard is brought in to take her out. After tailing her to find the right moment, Maynard falls for Rose and ends up protecting her from Ferguson’s own men who are sent in to do what Maynard couldn’t do.

A disappointment to his mother for failing to uphold the Maynard family reputation, Victor takes on unsuspecting Tony (Rupert Grint) as his apprentice while under the guise of a Private Investigator who is protecting Rose from fellow assassin’s. Victor’s patience is well and truly tested as Rose does what she wants and never listens to the wise old Victor who has to not only mop up after Rose but keep her safe as well!

The supporting case in Wild Target is pretty decent – some famous British actors crop up from Rupert Everett as Ferguson, the art dealer who gets stung by Rose and consequently sets about hiring the assassins, Martin Freeman plays a rival hitman who talks a good game but is a way behind Victor Maynard and Rupert Grint who plays a homeless young man who is along for the ride without realising he’s being trained as Victor’s replacement when he retires.

As a comedy, Wild Target does have some pretty funny moments but they are sadly few and far between despite the tired Victor Maynard losing patience with Rose and the easy-going Tony (Rupert Grint) just being his own character. We were kept relatively entertained throughout the majority of the film but some scenes felt dragged out – the hotel scene and when the trio are in the country house especially. Granted these parts are ‘relevant’ to the story but it slowed the pace down for what could have been a slicker film.

Wild Target 2010 film review PlayEject

Rupert Grint – Hitman in training: Wild Target

Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy are supposed to have some sort of distant love-hate affair which is only believable so far, especially given the age gap and the comedy moustache donned by Bill Nighy. Rupert Grint plays his part well but you feel there could have been more made of the trio.

In the end we enjoyed Wild Target for Nighy’s dry humour and Grint’s easy going character. The story was ok, the comedy was a bit sparse and the annoying relationship triangle dictated the pace of the film too much. The trailer made it look like a British Bourne film with comedy and less killings and yet we were left wanting more and feeling slightly annoyed at Emily Blunt’s character for needing a slap.

wild Target official trailer:

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