Unstoppable is the story of a runaway train that is heading for derailment in a small town in Pennsylvania where the massive 23-carriage locomotive will hurtle into an explosive refinery and cause devastation throughout. All rescue attempts have failed and the only remaining hope comes in the form of 2 unlikely heroes – Denzel Washington (Man on Fire) and Chris Pine (Star Trek).

Based on a series of true events, Unstoppable has its moments of great action and suspense but also has some really annoying moments that rub away some of the sheen. For example, the Unstoppable train is only unstoppable because the company idiot for the train company didn’t connect the air brake before he moved the train and then jumped off the train when moving at a snails pace so he could throw the track lever to get the train on the right track. Cue the idiot falling over and not being able to catch up with the train which then gathers pace and becomes…unstoppable. Whether this is part of the true events or not, its things like this that happen a couple of times throughout the film that really annoyed us – not because it couldn’t happen or because of the impending devastation that would unfold as a result but simply because it is stupidity. Unstoppable film review PlayEject

Having said that, the rest of the film is pretty good – Denzel is the old pro who’s seen and done it all in his lifetime working the trains and Chris Pine is the young newbie who is given the run around by the older generation and feels he has to prove himself to be respected enough. As the two main characters settle into their shift and get to know each other, we realise there’s more to the story than just a runaway train. The owners of the railway company are more concerned about profits and investors than human lives while Washington, Pine and the train company controller (played by Rosario Dawson, Seven Pounds) have to pull together to try to stop the train using skill and experience.

All in all, Unstoppable is pretty good – its got some decent action scenes and is a trainspotters paradise. The sub-plot involving Chris Pine and his wife adds a bit of interest to which would otherwise be all about a train and the train company.

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