Arriving in Germany to give a presentation at a science conference with your wife sounds ok – being involved in a car accident with no memory and finding someone has stolen your identity and life doesn’t sound as appealing. But put Liam Neeson (Taken) into the frame and its a whole new ball game. With the gritty Irish-American accent and calmness he presents on screen in all roles, he’s not a man that gives up easily – this is Unknown.

After finding his wife living her life with another man just days after his accident, Dr Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) sets about tracking down any scrap of proof that he is who he claims to be. After finding the driver of the car in the accident (Diane Kruger), Dr Harris soon discovers that although his memory may be lost, he has enemies with a very good memory and are hunting him down.Unknown film review Liam Neeson PlayEject

Unknown is a mystery thriller that rivals that of the Bourne films in its own unique way. Neeson isn’t as gung-ho as Matt Damon was but still provides the same impact. While the other famous faces that crop up (January Jones – XMen, Aidan Quinn) do well to add to the drama of the film, there’s a certain something that we felt was lacking slightly. We can’t put our finger on it but couldn’t help but make comparisons to Taken and Bourne Supremacy while watching Unknown. It might be the Amnesia/recovery or the character Neeson is not allowed to be (from Taken) but at times we felt like there was bit too much guess work and chance driving the story rather than Dr Harris really being in control.

The whole story is quite clever and kept us interested the whole way through. Towards the end we did feel as though the writers perhaps lost their ways a little as it suddenly takes a bit of a sideways step in terms of the characters and their involvement with each other. It does help the story progress but also seems uncharacteristic for the people in the film (we’re talking about the hotel scene near the end).

Its the small flaws which made Unknown feel a little bit loose in parts which sadly brought our overall review score down. For a decent mystery thriller with a few parts action and a few parts drama then this is right up your alley. If you’re after something a bit more action-y then we’d recommend Taken.

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