Apparently Boston is the bank robbery capital of the World with more banks robbed per year than anywhere else. The majority of the bank robberies can be traced back to an area 1 sq mile in Boston – Charlestown, or more affectionately known as The Town.

Written, Directed by and Starring Ben Affleck, The Town is about a small group of professional bank robbers from Charlestown and their lives of criminal gangs and brotherhood. With Affleck as the brains behind the gangs operations, the latest robbery diverts from the plan when the bank manager is taken hostage and after being released, has to be tracked by Affleck to make sure she is not a threat to the gang. By following her and creating a ‘chance meeting’, they start a relationship which soon starts to get complicated as Affleck has to hide his feelings from his fellow conspirators while the Bank Manager (Rebecca Hall) has the FBI trying to find the masked robbers, unaware that her boyfriend is a dangerous criminal.
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We get to know how Affleck has ended up living his life in the midst of crime after being taken in as a child by his best friend (Jeremey Renner) and his complicated relationship with his imprisoned father (Chris Cooper) after his mother ran away.

The story is very good and has just the right balance of action and believable acting to portray what it is like to be involved in the drug and crime fuelled world of Charlestown.

The supporting cast features some recognisable faces such as Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), Pete Postlethwaite and Chris Cooper to name just a few. As we were watching we did feel for the characters and the difficult positions they put themselves in which all helped to build a great film.

Without giving too much away, The Town is an action packed thriller which goes a long way to show the dark side of the life of crime and bank robbery in modern day Boston and effects on people’s lives from the ones involved to the ones caught up in the moment.

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