Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Angelina Jolie (Salt) star in The Tourist – a film that probably should have had more promotion that it seemed to get, especially given the two leading names. A remake of the 1995 French film, Anthony Zimmer, being dubbed as glamorous, sexy and suspenseful, PlayEject set about finding out why its slipped under our ‘must-watch’ radar…

The Tourist is set in Venice, Italy where Frank (Johnny Depp) is an unsuspecting Maths teacher on holiday touring Venice when he meets the mysterious and alluring Elsie (Angelina Jolie). After a flirtatious dinner and train journey, Elsie takes the lead, inviting Frank back to her hotel and frames him as her husband so the police and gangsters who are following every move Elsie makes will be thrown off scent of her troubled background.

When the hotel room is broken into and Frank is chased across the rooftops of Venice, the action starts to heat up as Frank’s suspicions of Elsie are confirmed. Frank must run to save his life after being framed as Elsie’s husband and cannot trust anyone as even the Police are looking to capture him. Without anyone to trust, Frank’s life is turned upside down and the only help is coming from the person who got him into the mess – Elsie.The Tourist film review PlayEject

While watching The Tourist we were trying to work out what the twist was going to be – with 4 lots of people looking out for their own interests as well as the illusive husband of Elsie, Alexander Pierce, who, we find out later on in the film after a series of chases and classic spy-moments, is on the run from a gangster for stealing a large sum of money.

Although The Tourist isn’t a classic film, it was nominated for 3 Golden Globes. Although classed as a Thriller and Drama, it is witty enough to have a comic element running throughout in the same way as Pirates of the Caribbean is light-hearted action. The action sequences are ok – the rooftop chase being the most memorable although it does feel out of place to Frank’s character who up to that point had been a quiet, reserved Maths teacher.

Once the film gets going it does draw you in and the story line is good enough to keep you entertained. We felt that some of subtley was lost with the plot and the action/characters though.

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