From the classic Hammer Horror films comes The Resident, a film about a young female doctor who rents a lavish apartment in Brooklyn only to find her charming landlord has a dangerous obsession with her. Starring Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hammer’s favourite, Christopher Lee, we find out if The Resident lives up to expectations.

After finding herself single and in need of a place of her own, Juliet (Hilary Swank) rents an apartment from charming Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his grandfather, August (Christopher Lee). As the building is still being refurbished, Max agrees to let the flat at a bargain rate and Juliet moves in immediately falling in love with the place. The Resident film review PlayEject

Its not long before Max and Juliet become close but when Juliet shuns Max at ‘last base’, we see a change in him that affirms our initial fears of him. Max goes to all lengths to basically stalk and live out his fantasies with Juliet causing her to live in fear!

The Resident does have its jumpy moments and a decent story that will keep you entertained. The way some of the shocks and stalking is done by Max is quite clever and will definitely make you check a few more places if you’re ever thinking of renting somewhere yourself!

While we fully appreciate The Resident is about the scary landlord and the frightened tenant, in our opinion the addition of Christopher Lee to the cast was purely to give more weight to The Resident’s name – not surprising coming from Hammer (the original horror film makers) as he doesn’t actually do anything in the story and appears for no more than 5 minutes collectively throughout. A great waste of a great talent and opportunity in our humble opinion.
The Resident film review PlayEject

And then there’s the good old fashioned stupidity of the girl who’s in danger but runs back into the apartment when she realises she is in trouble rather than calling the Police or other help. Between that and the ridiculous use and location of the ‘security camera’ computer, we were all but screaming ‘Idiot’ at the screen!

It is those few things that brought down The Resident from being a decent horror film to mediocre. So many flaws in the story and missed opportunities with characters that mean although we did enjoy the film, we were frustrated and wanting more.

For all its faults though, we would recommend seeing this film – the good points do make the film worthwhile and the acting is pretty good especially from Swank and Morgan.

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