The Next Three Days stars Russell Crowe (Gladiator) and Elizabeth Banks (W.) as a happily married couple with a small boy who’s lives are all turned upside down when
the wife is accused of murder and sent to prison in Pittsburgh County Jail.

John Brennan (Russell Crowe) is a quiet, unassuming High School teacher who’s wife, Lara (Elizabeth Banks) is arrested one morning on suspicion of murdering a colleague from her dental practice with another colleague as a witness to Lara fleeing the scene. Although we don’t see any courtroom action, Lara Brennan is found guilty and sentenced to long term imprisonment in the county Jail. John Brennan goes about proving her innocence while trying to bring up their young son, Luke, who has a hard time adjusting to life without his mother other than their prison visits.

All pleas are turned down for a retrial and no fresh evidence can be found to help Lara and John’s case and even their lawyer is on the verge of giving up. Without any hope of his wife being freed, John Brennan tries to find another way of getting Lara out of prison…

The Next 3 Days is a really gripping film – not everyone likes Russell Crowe but he is brilliant in this. There’s not much in the way of action which suits the characters and film much better and the twists that crop up are unexpected and clever.The Next Three Days Film Review PlayEject

Although shot in some dark locations and some quiet talking (as is the norm in many a tense thriller), the change in lifestyle to all characters is well portrayed and everything is explained throughout the story without anything being shoved in your faces.

Without providing any spoilers for The Next 3 Days, the story is cleverly told by using a series of time segments starting 3 years ago and building up to present day (or, The Next Three Days – clever, eh?). All the while John Brennan’s faith in his wife never falters but the strain put on everyone around him is visible as he keeps everything to himself, including his most researched ideas.

All in all, we started watching The Next Three Days without knowing what to expect and ended up feeling we’d just seen a great, great film. Its over 2 hours long so get the drinks and snacks in as you won’t want to miss a second!

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