Jason Statham has made some good films (Transporter, Bank Job) and some not so good films (Crank 2). Famous for his grizzly voice, chiseled jaw and kung fu moves, he’s very much the modern day action hero who’s stereotyped as a tough but gentle guy.

In The Mechanic, this stereotype remains true with Statham taking the role of Arthur Bishop – a professional hitman who’s mentor, Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland) is lined up for the next job which Bishop has to take.

Conflicted between his emotions for the father figure in his life, Arthur Bishop takes McKenna’s waste-of-space son under his wing and trains him up to become an assassin in the same mould. Not knowing that Bishop killed his father, Steve McKenna (played by Ben Foster) and Arthur Bishop are caught up in a conspiracy that runs deep into their boss’ (and former boss, McKenna senior) company and end up fighting for their lives to untangle the web of deceit and lies.
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While doing the review for The Mechanic we couldn’t help but feel it had all been done before – too similar to the Jason Bourne films in terms of storyline (hired killers getting double crossed by their employers) and too familiar fight scenes and cliche’d script a’la Death Race or The Transporter series. However it is a formula that all Jason Statham fans have come to expect and love so it must be working for some.

The story ticks along at a fairly slow pace to begin with and there’s far too many ‘conveniences’ that crop up (such as random parked cars that happen to be ideal for the scenario, etc) but once Ben Foster and Jason Statham start working together the action steps up a gear and its refreshing to see a Statham film where he’s not the sole hero (except for The Expendables).The Mechanic film Jason Statham Ben Foster PlayEject

One major gripe we have about The Mechanic is that when there’s no action taking place, the dialogue is all in a very softly spoken manor which meant cranking the volume up to hear or work out what was being said. Then a second or two later we’d be near deafened by a blazing gun shot that was way beyond the normal volume. It might only be a small thing to some but when you can’t work out what is being said in a film that is based around a conspiracy, missing dialogue means you may as well be out of the room until you hear a screech of tyres or big explosions.

As we’ve said, its not the best film we’ve ever seen but because it has decent fight scenes, a pretty good hotel/roof top gun fight and puts the effort in with the plot, The Mechanic will appeal to action junkies as well as Statham fans.

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