We have to make a confession – we’d never seen or heard of The Losers as a comic book and still haven’t. So when The Losers film was released as an adaptation of the Vertigo comic book, we felt a tad guilty not knowing who the characters were or any of the story. But fear not as the film caters for those who have no idea who The Losers are as much as its fans.

Following in the familiar footsteps of the A Team, The Losers is about a group of soldiers that end up getting screwed over by a mysterious man named Max when they are on a mission in Bolivia. Set up to be killed on their mission The Losers remain hidden away from public sight until they can get back to the USA and clear their names.

Led by Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the rest of the group each have their own set of skills making them an elite team. Jensen (Chris Evans) is the tech guy, Roque (Idris Elba, Takers) is skilled at hand to hand combat and carries some large knives, Pooch is the pilot and get away driver and Cougar is the sharpshooting mysterioso who hardly speaks but can shoot anything from anywhere!

Along their journey to clearing their name, The Losers gain another follower in the form of Zoe Saldana (also from Takers who helps the gang find the illusive Max who is also trying to fund Nuclear Weapons in the US.
The Losers Film Review PlayEject
To say the whole film is a bit of an A-Team clone is unfair. The Losers was released before the A-Team, yes, but the A-Team story is more popular and widely known. The Losers does have its similarities but in fairness its only the style thats similar as many films could be classed as copying others. To judge the Losers film on its own merit is the only fair thing to do – and its pretty good.

Ok so there’s some cheesy lines thrown in, there’s some over the top action which is far fetched and some of the cgi is a bit dubious (plane/bike scene) but we watched the film from start to finish and enjoyed most of it.

Idris Elba teaming up with Zoe Saldana again is becoming a bit tedious as neither of them were amazing in this film but since The Wire, we’ve got a soft spot for UK actor Idris so forgive him for the odd glitch in his career.

Overall, if you are a fan of the A-Team or that sort of easy-to watch action/comedy film then you will like The Losers. If you’ve already seen the A-Team then you will make comparisons to The Losers while watching – you wont be able to help it. Its not fair to do so but it will happen!

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