The Hangover will go down as one of the funniest comedies of its time – 4 lads in Las Vegas enjoying a stag party for their friend and wake up one morning with no memory of the night before. Its classic comedy material and so many people can relate to it. So a sequel to the Hangover was an obvious move but was it a wise one??

We had our reservations before we settled down to watch The Hangover Part 2. We knew it was set in Thailand and we’d seen the Monkey in the posters. We were prepared for the same gags but in a different location, hoping we were wrong.

For those not familiar with The Hangover, the main characters are Phil (Bradley Cooper – A-Team), Doug (Justin Bartha – National Treasure), Stu (Ed Helms – The Hangover) and slightly crazy/simple Alan (Zach Galifianakis – Due Date), 4 friends who are this time celebrating the marriage-to-be of Stu and his fiance’, Lauren (who’s parents are from Thailand). To keep the future in-laws happy, Stu agrees to have the wedding in Thailand where Lauren’s father clearly doesn’t approve of Stu as husband material for his only daughter. Throw into the mix a genius 16 year old brother to Lauren, Teddy, and its another recipe for disaster!
The Hangover Part II film review PlayEject
We won’t go into details about what happens in The Hangover part 2 – we don’t want to spoil it for anybody. Its a fair comment to say that the expected gags are all there but there are some new twists on the original Hangover film and the references made to the first one by Alan, Phil and Stu do help make The Hangover 2 more feel part of a sequel.

There are some very cheesy moments – in one of the first scenes Mr Chow is about to explain some of the previous nights events but the speech leading up to this isn’t exactly Oscar winning. Also we found some parts of The Hangover 2 a bit irritating or unnecessary – again we don’t want to spoil the surprises so all we’ll say is that the Monkey felt more like a ‘Disney gimic’ addition rather than something that was essential to the story and humour.The Hangover Part 2 Film Review PlayEject

For all its negatives, The Hangover 2 does exactly what its supposed to – it makes you laugh. Some gags might not appeal to everyone but there’s something in there that will no doubt appeal to even the hardest of audiences. There are some classic ‘Alan moments’ that will stay with you as the first film did and you’ll be going over quips from the film with your friends for weeks after.

We came away from watching The Hangover 2 pleasantly surprised and the more we thought back, the better the film got. Its the little things that brought down our overall rating but as a comedy film that had a massive mountain of the first film to climb, we would recommend this to anyone.

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