For anyone who’s not seen The Hangover – where have you been? This is easily one of the laugh-out-loud funniest films for years. Starring Bradley Cooper (A-Team), Zack Galifianakis and Justin Bartha as three friends who take their buddy to Las Vegas for his stag weekend and wake up the following morning without any recollection of the evening’s events. Without their Stag. With a baby in the room. And a tiger.

After waking up in the hotel room with no memory as to what happened, the trio go in search of their Stag buddy and also to find out what happened. Retracing their steps through Las Vegas casino’s and bars while Alan (Zach Galifianakis), the Bride’s slightly stupid brother carries around the baby, naming him Carlos, and comes out with some of the funniest moments we’ve seen in a long time from one film.the-hangover-movie-review PlayEject

Thankfully The Hangover is not at all a “lads film” and will appeal to almost everyone. The many cameo’s of famous faces from Heather Graham to Mike Tyson to the brilliant Ken Jeong as Chinese gambler and wannabe gangster, Mr Chow, are as welcome as they are funny. The Hangover has also won a number of awards from Critics Choice Award for Best Comedy Movie to a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Motion Picture from 2010.

From start to finish there are so many memorable moments that The Hangover cannot fail to be watched again and make so many people’s top 10 comedy films. From subtle humour that will catch you off guard, to in-your-face-funny that will have you in stitches, The Hangover is without doubt in PlayEject’s elite 5-star category.

With The Hangover 2 set to be released in May 2011, we can’t wait for more antics from Alan, Phil, Stu and Doug!

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