The Ghost or Ghost Writer, depending on where you live, is based on the best selling book of the same name by Robert Ludlum and stars Ewan Mcgregor and Pierce Brosnan.

The Ghost starts off with Ewan Mcgregor as an experienced Ghost Writer given the opportunity to ghost write the autobiography of the ex British Prime Minister played by Pierce Brosnan after the former ghost writer and friend of the ex Prime Minister was mysteriously found dead. An unsuspecting Ewan Mcgregor is given the manuscript of the the book to work on and finds himself mugged and chased for the secrets contained within before being cast into a mysterious world of politics and murder.

The story is set mainly on a remote island on the outskirts of the british isles where Pierce Brosnan has a secluded house which sets the scene for Ewan Mcgregor to try and unravel the mysteries within the autobiography and also the problems of the ex Prime Ministers family life!

Overall, The Ghost should be a good film but is let down by a slow-paced story that does not make the leap from book to screen as well as it could. It attempts to be thought provoking but in essence goes on too long and lacks in memorable scenes.

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