Sly Stallone, Arnie Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, the list goes on…

These are just a few of the names in The Expendables – a film brought together and Directed by Sylvester Stallone in true, over the top full-on action movie style.

For any fans of any of the names in the credits or fans of Action movies in general, you will love this film – it does exactly what it says on the tin – thrills and spills with over the top gun fights, hand to hand combat and some great one-liners from some of Holywoods greatest ever action film heroes.

The plot is based around a group of individuals who have set themselves up as modern day do-gooders with their HQ being a tattoo parlour run by the wise old-timer Mickey Rourke. This team: the Expendables, find themselves in a mission that puts all their skills and experience to the test.

As we’ve already said, the action is over the top with explosions, huge guns and hand-to-hand combat sequences that are all part of making the film exactly what it should be – enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

The Expendables isn’t going to win any Oscars and also starts off rather slowly but gathers momentum the more you watch. Our favourite scene in particular involves a cavernous area with The Expendables up against some serious odds but along comes the huge Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) with the biggest gun we’ve seen anyone carry in a long time and lights up the show! Over the top, borderline silly but just great entertainment value (if you take it for what it is).

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